2020 Dream Board Party

It’s officially the end of January! The month really just flew by, huh? Getting back into the swing of work and school can be impossible after the holidays. How are those new year's resolutions going? At this point I feel like a lot of people have either given up on their goals for 2020 or are adjusting them slightly to fit more realistically into their lives. But because there are still 11 months in the year, it's time to get together with friends and talk about what is going to inspire you to have a kick-ass 2020. It's time to have a dream board party!

What you'll need:

Paper/poster board

This is kind of a given. But you'll need a blank canvas to start your dream board!

Lots and lots of magazines

If you're like me and you used to want to be like Miranda Priestly in 'Devil Wears Prada' then you definitely have a basket full of magazines in your room that are screaming to be used. And if not, ask each of your friends to bring a magazine and you should be good to go.

Markers & Colored Pencils

This is where you and your friends can really get creative! Grab all of your markers, colored pencils and crayons and get doodling.


Getting cute stickers can be a fun way to spice up the dream boards! I went with gold stars, but you can pick anything you want based on your aesthetic.

Tape & Scissors

You've gotta cut things out and stick them on the board some how!

*Optional: mini printer for people to print pics of friends!

A few years ago I got an HP Sprocket Plus and I love it! It is a mini printer that connects to your phone and lets you print pictures super easily. It even comes with paper that is sticky on the back, which is perfect for a dream board.

Things to cut out:

Words that inspire you

Something that I have started doing in the last few years is picking a word to live by for the year. My word for 2020 is strength. This is a great way to start a discussion with your friends when flipping through the magazine pages!

Books you want to read

These are two books on my list to read this year! It can be fun to add things like this to your dream board because it will remind you to pick up a book next time instead of starting another Netflix binge.

People who you look up to

Reese Witherspoon is my idol. I love her and have always looked up to her. She is a big inspiration for me this year (specifically as Elle Woods). I also added Harry Styles to my dream board because I am seeing him in concert this year!

Cute prints & patterns

This is the step that really brings your whole dream board together. Find cute things that stand out to you in the magazines and cut them out to add personality to your board. You can go for a color theme like I did, or go for something totally out of the box!

* People can also bring things already printed out to add to their board they already know what direction they want to go!

The best part about having a dream board making party is that it will spark really meaningful discussions with your friends. It is simple, fun, and will help you think about what you really want 2020 to be all about. Hope you're feeling inspired! We would love to see pictures of all of your finished dream boards, so send them our way!

Happy crafting,


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