5 Senses Anniversary Gift Ideas

Love is in the air for this blog post! Anniversaries are a big deal because celebrating the people you love and your relationships is important. Keeping anniversary gifts interesting and special can be hard, but this blog post is here to help! A fun idea is to do a "5 Senses" gift. You take the 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch and get your partner a gift for each. These don't have to be expensive gifts and it is fun to get really creative. There are lots of places you can go with this gift and here are some ideas!


What is your number one love language? If yours or your partners is physical touch these gifts are going to make them feel very special.

1. Give them a massage

This is the PERFECT romantic gift for your partner. It shows that you care about them and want them to feel good and be happy!

2. Make Pottery Together

Are you an artsy couple? Then try to make some pottery together! You can do it free hand or use the wheel. Or even better! Try and sculpt each other. It will be a super fun activity.

3. Take a succulent class or make a terrarium

Are you currently a plant mom or dad? Or do you want to be one? Try going to a plant class or go get the things at your local craft store to make your own terrarium. It will be a great way for you to both practice your green thumb!

4. Go to your local shelter and play with cute animals

What is better than cute animals? Nothing! Go to a place like Best Friends animal society and play with the kittens to bond about your future dream pets.


Everyone loves food and treats. It is as simple as that. This is an easy way into your S/O's heart AND stomach.

1. Takeout/a gift card from their favorite restaurant

You really can't go wrong with this one. Food, glorious food will be the perfect anniversary gift.

2. Bake them something

Whether it's cookies, cupcakes, or a current popular one banana bread, baking shows that you put time in to make something special for them!

3. Go to a cooking class together

Live out all of your ratatouille fantasies and take a cooking class together! Choose something that you've both never done before to keep it interesting.

4. Do a tasting class (wine, cheese, beer, whiskey, or chocolate)

If you aren't into cooking but still want to learn something about food, do a tasting class! Whichever thing you choose to taste, it will be a hit.


1. Buy them their favorite movie

Everyone has those movies that they love so much they can watch over and over and over. Get a copy of your partners favorite so they can watch it whenever they want! They will definitely love you for it.

2. A book that has been on their list to read

A book might be just the thing your partner wants as a gift for your anniversary! You can either get them a special edition of their favorite book or one that has been on their list for a while now.

3. Art work

Did you go to a gallery recently and see a picture that your S/O loved? Snatch it up and they will be thrilled!

4. A Camera

For the wannabe photographer in your life get them a camera to help capture all of your special moments together.

5. Go see a performance

There are so many amazing performances out there to choose from. Tickets to the Ballet, Opera, Theatre or a Dance Concert would all be an amazing gift!

6. A picture of you two (Or a photoshoot to look back on!)

Put a cute picture of you two in a special frame so you can always remember this anniversary! Or book a photographer to take a photoshoot so that you have pictures to look back on from this special day.

7. Go on a hike to a beautiful view

If your anniversary falls in a warm weather month, go on a hike to take in some beautiful sights!


1. a candle of their favorite scent

Candles are always a good gift, no matter the circumstances. Find out what your S/O's favorite scent is and get them a candle so that whenever they burn it they think of you!

2. Get them flowers

This may seem like a basic anniversary gift, but I promise that it isn't. They smell good, are beautiful, and will make them remember this day for the whole week!

3. Perfume or cologne

Scent is a big part of romance and any relationships. Pick out a special scent that you know will smell amazing on your partner. This is a very very thoughtful gift.

4. Get them an aromatherapy set

If your S/O has been stressed lately, try getting them some aromatherapy! It will help them relax which will be good for them and for you in the long run.


1.Concert tickets

Do you two have a shared favorite band together? Get tickets to their concert the next time the band comes to town. This is a gift that you will both look forward to and remember for a long time.

2. Make them a playlist

Like in the good ole days, make them a "mixtape"! In todays standards that will look more like a Spotify playlist, but it should have the same effect.

3. Write them a song

If you are a musically talented person, write them a song! This would basically be the most romantic thing ever.

4. Get them an instrument or music lessons

Has your partner talked about learning to an instrument but hasn't take the leap of faith yet? Be the one to encourage them to start a new hobby by either gifting them the instrument itself or lessons to learn how to be a pro!

I hope that these ideas for "5 Senses" anniversary gifts were helpful! Let us know which ones you pick our for your significant other!



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