Adult Birthday Party Themes that will Make You Want to Celebrate

Fun fact about Kim and I: We LOVE birthdays. Yours, ours, friends, doesn’t matter whose birthday it is, we are going to celebrate it! Even though we all have one every year, we believe that it should be celebrated every time.

As adults, the excitement of birthdays can tend to wear off, but I am here to bring it back. Just because you are not a kid anymore doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t throw a party like you are one. After all, this day is all about you, boo. So, in order to make birthdays a little more fun for our adult friends, we have put together a list of theme ideas to make your bash more exciting.

Denim Party

It’s time to pull out the jeans, jackets, and vests for this one. A denim theme is easy for your guests to participate in, costs you nothing, and will give you the BEST pictures to look back on. A theme can be easy as a dress code, and I guarantee that every single one of your guests have something denim already in their closets. And, yes, denim on denim is still cool.

Afternoon Tea Party

Pinkey’s up, it’s time for afternoon tea. Who says that tea parties are just for little girls? We see it as an opportunity to throw a classy and elegant party, perfect for a birthday. Also, a great alternative to an evening party. Finger sandwiches, crumpets, macaroons… the options are endless! Let’s get steeping.

Poker Party

Vegas, Baby! Nothing sets the scene for an adult birthday party better than poker and snacks. This theme could work well for small and large groups, and, you honestly don’t really need to know how to play poker. There are plenty of easy games that people can learn in the moment. Plus, who says you have to play with real money? Get creative and pick something else for people to make bets with, like candy, favors, or drinks.

Color Themed Party

Ah, a classic. This is honestly one of my favs because it is applicable for people of all ages, any setting, and all times of year. You could even make your dress code part of the theme and have people wear the color. It’s easy, aesthetic, and never gets old.

Age Themed Party

Another classic that will never get “old". Ha, get it? Old? I love age themes, especially when it is one of the more significant ages in life! Plus, they usually involve puns, and who doesn't love that? Some of my favorites are “quarter of a century” for 25, “Dirty 30”, “50 and Fabulous”, and “Twenty Fun” for 21. The whole point of a birthday is getting another year older, and this might be an unpopular opinion, but I think it should be celebrated!

Masquerade Party

Let’s get fancy, shall we? I love a party theme that forces people to dress up. This is also PERFECT for the pandemic because we should all be wearing masks anyway! So, let’s take advantage of that and just make it part of the theme. It will make everyone feel great in their mask anyway.

Tie Dye Party

This is a theme that could go many different ways. You could just have it be a dress up theme and have all of your guests wear tie dye. They will look amazing and you will get some cute pictures. You could also have tie dye be the activity and everyone could make their own! Either way, this is a theme that everyone will love, no matter how old.

Camping Party

This is perfect for your outdoor loving friend! Camping themed parties are easy to do in the back yard at home, or, you could go all out and head up the canyon. Check out our post here about throwing a campfire party for some great inspo.

No matter how old you are turning, don't forget to celebrate! Birthdays are the one day a year where it is all about you, and you deserve to party! Try out one o these themes for your next birthday. We know it will be a big hit.

Happy Birthday!


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