At Home Easter Celebration Recap

Easter is one of our all time favorite holidays! It is full of pretty pastel colors, yummy chocolate and usually focuses on breakfast foods-which are the best. This year we wanted to document our Easter stay at home style. Here’s a recap of how it went!

Kim’s Easter:

This year I spent Easter at home with my dad and my step mom Vicky! We usually host a bigggg Easter brunch with our entire family, but that was not the case this year. In the morning we did a Zoom call with our family to say hi and see how everyone was spending the holiday. Then, we decided to still make some yummy brunch food (just for the three of us) to celebrate the special occasion.

Easter Treats:

We were very lucky that the Easter Bunny was still able to make it to our house this year! As my dad says, “he is an animal so he can’t give us the Coronavirus” hahah. He brought us some yummy treats for our baskets and even brought a special little Easter piñata!

Plates & Napkins:

Luckily I got a bunch of cute pastel colored paper plates and napkins from the dollar store early this year, so we were good to go! I went with pinks, yellows, and other spring pastels like green and purple. I think they were cute and made the meal a little special because it wasn’t on our normal plates.


We started off our brunch with mimosas because we are social distancing soooo might as well get a little tipsy… right?


As an appetizer we made mini yogurt parfaits with fruit, granola, honey, greek yogurt and these really cute hot pink cups from the dollar store!

Egg Sandwiches:

For one of our main dishes we did bacon, egg, and cheese croissant sandwiches! Yes I did burn the croissant in the toaster and YES my whole family did judge me for it. But it was still yummy!

Belgian Waffles:

For our other brunch entree we had Belgian waffles! SO yummy and people could put whatever kinds of toppings they wanted to on it. I went with strawberries, Nutella, and whipped cream. I would highly recommend.

I had so much fun today and hope you all did too!

Natalie's Easter:

This year, I was still lucky enough to spend Easter with my whole family. My mom, dad, sisters, and brother in law all joined in on the fun! It was nice to have a little sense of normal and celebrate a holiday! Here is what my Easter activities were:

Dying Easter Eggs

Dying easter eggs is definitely a tradition at my house. It wouldn't be the same without it! No matter how old I get, I think I will always love it. We always have them for breakfast in the morning, and then use the extras to make deviled eggs for an afternoon snack.

Decorating Cookies

Another favorite holiday activity of mine is decorating Easter cookies! The pastel colored cream cheese frosting is irresistible, and they always turn out so cute! We also made extra to deliver to friends and neighbors (from 6 feet away, of course). It's a great way to spread some Easter cheer.

Easter Breakfast

Along with the eggs, we also made cinnamon rolls, hash browns, bacon, and strawberries for breakfast! Such a great way to start the morning.


My family was also so excited to receive a special surprise from the Easter bunny. There is nothing better than some chocolates and other treats on a holiday. To finish the day off, we will be playing lots of board games, eating lots of snacks, and enjoying each others company.

We hope that you have a Hoppy Easter! We are both so grateful to be surrounded by our lovely families on this special holiday. Let us know how you celebrated while practicing social distancing!

Kim & Nat

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