At Home Parties: Virtual Bingo Night

What better way to spend your Saturday night in quarantine than playing bingo with your friends over zoom? That’s right, nothing. Things are about to get wild.

Virtual bingo is especially fun if you are hosting, and a great way to shake things up for all of your friends. I attended a game a few weekends ago, and let’s just say I will never think of Bingo as a boring game again. Shoutout to my friends for the idea and participation! Here’s how to do it:

The Supplies

1. A bingo game set. Obviously, this is an essential. If you don’t have one, here is a link to an affordable one on Amazon.

2. Daubers and bingo cards-also found on Amazon. It’s just not a bingo night without them! We definitely had to get the colorful ones, and I’m pretty sure the daubers will last through every bingo game for the rest of my life.

3. A Zoom (or other video chat app) account. Let’s be honest, we all probably have one by now anyway.

The Deliveries

Put together all the bingo supplies that your friends need and deliver it to their house! Optional: encourage everyone to BYOB (from the comfort of their own home). It’s not a game night without a glass of wine.

Game Time

Once all of the bingo packs have been delivered, grab some snacks and get ready to play. We played a lot of different rounds, and eventually it turned into a drinking game. Bingo is a great game to play virtually because everyone knows the rules, it doesn’t take a lot of effort, and it still leaves room for chatting! It was the perfect way to hang out with my friends while still practicing social distancing.

Try this out for your next game night. Happy playing!


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