At Home Parties: Wine Night

There is nothing better than sitting down at home and relaxing with a nice glass of wine. So, why not make a night out of it? A wine night is the perfect at-home party to throw with your roommates, family, or even yourself! It’s low-key, easy, and does not require a lot. After all the craziness that has been happening in this world, we are encouraging a little bit of fun and relaxation. So, let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass together, shall we? Here’s how our wine nights go down...

First things first, the essentials:

1. Wine (obviously). Pick your fav and even a new one!

2. Wine glasses and a wine opener. I love my electric one-it opens the bottles so quickly and easily (maybe that’s not a good thing). You can also get creative with your glass of choice if you don’t have actual wine glasses. Jars, mugs, bowls… as long as you can cheers it, you’re set.

3. Snacks. You really can’t go wrong. If you are feeling fancy and want to go the classic route, we recommend a charcuterie board. We are also accepting treats, chips and dip, a veggie tray, or chocolate. Have each person pick their favorite wine and snack combo, or it’s also fun to look up and see what foods the wine you chose pairs with best and let that influence your decision. Here is one of my favorite resources.

4. Games/Activities. Ya’ll know we are all about this, so naturally, we had to come up with some wine-night themed ones.

Who can paint the best wine class: this game is perfect for small groups. We like to play this game towards the end of the night...the picture will come out much better.

Wine Categories: Type of red, types of white, wine from Spain, types of wine with 3-syllables, the list goes on and on. This will be the true test to see who knows their wine.

Wine Trivia: There is nothing like some trivia to get the party started. It brings out people's competitive side and makes things a little more interesting. Print out our wine night trivia game here.

5. Friends. Duh!

A wine night at home is perfect for social distancing. They don’t require a large group, and are often better with small ones anyway. The best part is, you can wear your sweatpants.

It’s important, especially right now, to find little ways in life to celebrate. We have enjoyed getting creative with our party planning. Wine nights can also be done virtually! Pour yourself a glass and Skype your friends.

Cheers to social isolation!


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