BEHS Banquet Recap

We had the opportunity to decorate the Box Elder High School Rockette's end of year Banquet! We had a blast. Here is a recap of how it went:


The banquet was hosted outside so that guests could maintain social distancing (because of Covid 19). We started off the decor right when the guests entered the pavilion by lining the walkway with purple stars.


Our first sign was a welcome sign that we placed right at the entrance to the pavilion. The balloons on top gave it that extra touch to make it stand out from the rest of the signs.

The next sign that we made had the Rockette's theme for the year. This helped tie all of the decor together and made it even more special for the girls.

We also made a sign specifically for the seniors on the team. During this crazy time, seniors in high school have been hit really hard, so they deserved an extra little shoutout.

The last sign we made was for the food and drink area. They also requested that we add a reminder to social distance while they were waiting in line. Obviously we had to personalize it with dancers because #drillteamlife.

Gift Bags:

Another thing that we did to highlight the senior team members was make them personalized gift bags for the senior gifts that the coach provided.

Table Details:

For our final detail we created table confetti to sprinkle around the event. We went with purple bees because the team color is purple and their mascot is a bee. We also added silver stars for a little sparkle, because who doesn't love a little sparkle? Right?

We loved being able to be a part of this event and helping make the 2019-2020 BEHS Rockette Banquet the best it could be. You go girls!

Kim and Natalie

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