At Home Parties: Board Game Party

Did someone say Board Game Party?! We are all stuck inside right now so it’s time to pull out all of those dusty board games that never get any use and play! We are taking a slightly different approach to playing board games to make a little themed “at home” party out of it. This is a great way to spice up your time at home with your friends and family.

Jumanji & Clue:

Pick a board game like Jumanji or Clue that has also been turned into a movie! This will help make the whole theme idea even easier.

Dress up:

This is where you can get super creative! Assign each family member a character and make them dress up like the person with items they already have in their own closets. It will be a challenge and will give people something to get dressed up and ready for!

Watch the movie:

While you are playing the game, put on the movie in the background. This will remind everyone how fun the story is and will help people get in character. It is sure to be the most wild game of Clue of Jumanji you’ve ever had! They are both available on Amazon Prime Video right now.

Signature Drinks:

This is a fun way to make your evening drink more interesting than usual. If you are playing Jumanji make a fun tropical cocktail with rum and pineapple and if you are playing Clue make something classic like an old fashioned or a whiskey sour! Getting a little tipsy will be fun and help you get even more immersed into the world of the game.

Themed Dinner:

The last thing you can do to tie this whole thing together is to make a themed dinner surrounding the game! This might be a stretch depending on what things you have left in your pantry/fridge, (we know that it is slim pickings these days) but we know you’ll be able to make it work.


Online board games

Since we are all working on social distancing, there are also some online versions of board games that you can play with friends or family that you aren’t currently seeing in person. has a ton of fun games you can play, here are a few classics!



Have fun with a board game party and let us know how it goes! Happy playing!


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