Bouquet Preservation

Did you get married or attend a wedding recently and notice all of the BEAUTIFUL flowers? It is sad that flowers are so pretty, but only last a few days! If you want to remember this special day and the flowers forever, we have a tip for you... preserve your bouquet! This will turn your flowers into a beautiful decor piece that you can keep forever.

There are lots of ways that people go about preserving bouquets, but I chose to dry the flowers and arrange them in a shadow box with other elements from the wedding! This is an easy and mess free way to do this project. Here is everything you'll need to know for this bouquet preservation technique:

The Shadow Box:

The shadow box (really thick frame) is by far the most important part to get right. It was our goal to thrift one, but it is really difficult to find the perfect thing for this bouquet preservation project secondhand. I ended up finding one at Michael's Craft Store and used a coupon on it to make it more affordable! Definitely sign up for Michael's Rewards, it is 1000% worth it for the deals and steals. The most important thing when looking for a shadow box is making sure that there is enough room in-between the two pieces of glass for all of your flowers! This one probably has about an inch and a half which was perfect. You can pick a shadow box with any color frame you think looks best with your florals and other elements. White, gold, black, and wooden could all be very very pretty! You could also go with a pop of color like pink or green to go with your flowers or even choose your wedding color to tie everything together.

The Flowers:

The first thing that you will want to do is deconstruct the bouquet. This can be a few days or even a week after your wedding. Keeping the bouquet in the fridge until then will keep things fresh until you are ready to work with them! Take it apart carefully so you do not ruin any of the flowers, then make piles with all of the different types of flowers and greenery in the bouquet to keep things organized. From there it will be easy to pick out the ones that look the best to include in your preservation piece. After that take some wax paper and a heavy book so you can dry and flatten the flowers. Place the flowers in-between the two pieces of wax paper and put it in the book. You can even put more heavy things on top of the book to make the process go faster. Leave them in there for a few days and then take them out and continue to let them air dry for a few days.

The Layout:

This is where things get fun and creative! Start by playing around with placing flowers and other elements until you are happy with a design. You might need to cut stems here and move things around lots of times until it is exactly how you want it. I decided to include the invitation to the wedding and a picture from their engagement shoot into the layout as well. This made it even more personal and helped there be a focal point to the piece. Once you are happy with it, tape down any paper elements that you have exactly where you want them and make sure that they are straight! Then carefully use tiny dots of hot glue on the back piece of glass to secure the flowers down. After you are done with that, wipe the fingerprints away with windex and a paper towel and your bouquet preservation piece should be done! Then slide the shadow box together and find the perfect place to display it in your home.

I hope that this was helpful and will be another way that you can remember your wedding day forever!

Happy happily ever after!


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