How to Throw the Perfect Campfire Party

Summer is the perfect time for a campfire party! The weather is warm during the day, but at night there is still a little chill. Get some friends together this summer and have a campfire party. Here are some ideas for things to make your campfire party LIT:


Hot Chocolate with roasted mini marshmallows

Since your campfire will be at night, you'll need a yummy drink to keep you warm- and hot chocolate is the perfect choice! You can even use cute camping mugs to keep it to the theme.

Hot dogs

There is nothing like a hot dog roasted on an open flame. It takes such a simple food to the next level! Make sure to have these at your party.


The other food that is very fun at campfire are kabobs! You can put things like chicken, bell peppers, potatoes and other veggies on them. These are nice because people can customize them to whatever foods they like.


S'mores Charcuterie Board!!

This was so much fun and elevated the entire campfire party. We have an entire blog post coming soon, but this pic is your sneak peak!


Scary stories

A campfire is the perfectttt place to tell scary stories. Go back to your childhood and have everyone at the party bring a scary story to read. It will be so fun and spooky!

Campfire sing along

My dad plays the guitar, so we had him play music on the guitar for us to sing along to! So if you have musically talented friends, ask them to do the same. If not, bring a portable speaker and do a sing along that way!

Play Heads Up or other games!

A campfire party is the perfect place to play games with friends and family. But this is definitely NOT a board game situation because you are outside. Pick games that either don't have any pieces or that can be played on your phone like Heads up!


Roasting sticks with different colored handles

Because you will all being cooking food and marshmallows you will need roasters! But it is easy to get everyones sticks confused, so cover the ends with washi tape! It will make them cute and unique.

Brown bags lit up with names-candles and brown bags

To show which seat belongs with which guest make custom place holders that match the campfire theme! We got brown paper bags and cut out names and fire pit illustrations out of vinyl on our Cricut and put battery operated candles inside.

So it's time to go up your local canyon, find a fire pit, and have a campfire party!

Have a s’more for us :)


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