Celebrating a Birthday During Quarantine

As much as we don’t like it, life has to go on even in social isolation. Which means we still have birthdays and we still have to celebrate them! We have had a lot of friends celebrating birthdays the past few weeks, so we have had to get creative with how to help them celebrate. We are going a step beyond your average birthday text or Instagram post and we are doing our best to make them feel special.

Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate a birthday while still following all the social distancing and quarantine rules:

1. Piñatagrams

Is there anything cuter than a mini piñata delivered to your house? No, no there isn’t. Pinatagrams.com makes it so easy to send your friend or family member a cute little gift with a big personality. You can customize a message, and it will be filled with yummy candy and delivered right to their door! This takes birthday fiestas to the next level.

2. Send them cookies

Everyone is in need of a sweet treat right now. So why not send some of their favorite cookies right to their front door? Our favorite cookie delivery service is Crumbl Cookies because they have a huge variety of yummy and unique flavors that change every single week! There are also other places like Chip Cookies and Goodly Cookies that are great too! So slyly try to figure out your bffs taste in cookies and choose the one that is the best fit for them. You order the cookies online or through an app and it is superrr easy! This is a perfect gesture to make your friends day.

3. Film a video to send them

A personalized birthday video will definitely put a smile on their face! If you can’t be with them in person, the next best thing is to send them a video of yourself. Put on a fun birthday song and dance around, tell a joke, or share some of your favorite memories with that person. They will cherish it forever.

4. Send them flowers

Sending someone flowers on their birthday is a great option social distancing or not! This is a great way to support local business near you and to brighten up their home. It will be a birthday gift that keeps on giving for days after their actual birthday, which they will love! (Because everyone knows you should celebrate your birthday for the whole week... at least.)

5. Happy boxstore.com

Going out on a shopping trip is a little tough right now, so we turned to happyboxstore.com to put together the perfect care package for our birthday friends. Pick the box design you like best, and create the perfect customized gift basket with so many items to choose from. They have candles, tea, skin care, stickers, candy, and so much more! Another great option to ship to their house.

6. Online subscription

We love this option for a social isolation birthday gift because they will probably use it now more than ever before! Spotify, Audible, ipsy, Birchbox, and Billie Razors are some of our favs. We also love Kiwi Co. crates for kids.

7. Birthday Coupons

Birthday coupons are one of our absolute favorite ideas to celebrate a friends birthday during social-distancing. You can make them by hand or on Canva! All you need to do is pick a few things you love to do together like going to dinner or thrift shopping and make a cute coupon saying that when this is all over we are going out to do this to celebrate quarantine being done AND your birthday. They will love it and it will give them something to look forward to!

8. Birthday Tea

This is the perfect gift for all tea lovers out there! Harney and Sons created a tea blend specifically for birthdays. Pair it with a mug and you are good to go. You can find it directly on their website, or we also got it on amazon. You can ship it right to their house, or drop it on their front porch.

9. Surprise Zoom Party

This one is a little complex, but is totally worth it. Everyone is using Zoom right now for online classes and work meetings but did you know... that it can be used for surprise birthday parties too?! Sneakily find out their other friends emails and make a few different Zoom groups based on different groups of people in their life. Tell your friend to be available at a certain time and get the Zoom party started! They are sure to be really surprised and love being able to talk to their friends on their birthday.

10. Surprise Visit (from 6 feet away)

If you feel like you need to see your friend in person to ring in their birthday you can still do it from six feet apart! Kim had a birthday recently and this is how people in her life surprised her in person. They brought little goodies and her dad even put out a nice chair for her visitors! It was very fun and you should definitely try this out.

We hope this blog post gave you lots of ideas to help you celebrate your friend's birthdays during this crazy time. We know you can make their day just as special as usual.

Good Luck!

Nat & Kim

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