Creative Ways to Celebrate Family This Fall

The holidays are coming up, and I think we can all agree that they are going to look a little different for everyone this year. It’s also getting chilly outside, which means we are all going to be spending more time inside. But, one thing that we can try to make feel as normal as possible is spending some time celebrating all of our loved ones!

Send Thoughtful Cards

Sending cards to friends and family is going to be an important way to let family that you can’t see in person know that you are thinking about them this year. Taking time to make or pick out cards with specific people in mind is something that will make the recipient of the card feel very special!

Store bought-

This is definitely the easiest route to go, but that does not make it a bad thing at all! Going to a place like Target or a local store to get cards is SUCH a fun process. Strolling through the aisles looking through all of the cards is a blast! I promise. This way you can pick out the perfect card for the perfect person. Some people like funny cards, beautiful cards, or sentimental cards. Going to the store will help you check all of those boxes!


Making cards by hand definitely takes the most time, but is the most special option. There are lots of unique ways to make fall cards. Whether you paint, draw, or design one online it will definitely make the recipient feel loved.


If you are as obsessed with all things Cricut as we are, try using your machine to make some out of this world cards. The Cricut Joy is the perfect machine to make this happen. They have so many intricate templates online so try out a few of them this fall to impress your friends and family! You won’t regret it.

Deliver Homemade Treats

This year something that we are doing to make our family living in our same city feel special is delivering treats to them! Taking the time to bake something or giving them the ingredients to make something themselves is an extra yummy way to celebrate loved ones.

Pumpkin bread-

Making pumpkin bread from scratch is easier than you might think! You can make full or mini loaves, depending on how many you need. Pumpkin bread is a fan favorite so everyone will love you even more if you drop one off as a surprise treat!

Mini pies-

Pies are by far the most fall dessert ever! Pumpkin, pecan, berry, and more. There are endless options and honestly… who doesn’t love a good pie? Making mini personal pies is a must this year. Then each person in your family can have the flavor that they love! You can choose to do this instead of having big pies at Thanksgiving or Christmas or you can deliver them to your family any time this festive season!

Cookie mix-

You can either get a cookie mix from Trader Joe’s like this pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip one or make your own mix! The one from TJ's is crazy good and will be a fun activity for your friends to do while they are spending time at home this fall. It is so so easy and these cookies are YUMMY.

The other option is to put together a mix of your own in a cute jar! Then you can customize flavors for each person. Maybe one person likes m&m cookies and another likes chocolate chip cookies. You can make people so so happy when you create your own jar mixes!

A Family-Friendly Craft:

An obvious, but often underrated, way to celebrate family is by spending some quality time with them! Spending time with the people we love is important now more than ever, and the holidays are the perfect excuse to do so. We also love to take this one step further and do some fun activities why you are spending time together.

Our favorite? A craft of course! There is nothing better than getting those creative juices flowing and getting everyone involved. Plus, November is the perfect time to craft because you can make something decorative or a gift for the upcoming festivities.

Some of our go-to Fall/Holiday crafts that are great for everyone are:

-Wreath making

-DIY centerpieces

-Macramé making

-Pumpkin painting

-Tassel garlands

No matter how crafty you or your family are, everyone will have a great time together. Plus, everyone will have something fun to take home! If you are not able to be with family outside of the people you live with, you can still craft within your household and then deliver the finished product to your extended family to let them know you are thinking about them. This is a very COVID friendly way to celebrate family either way.

Family Cook-Off

Raise your hand if you have a secret (or not so secret) competitive side. This next family celebration idea is for you! There is nothing that brings people together better than food, and if you add a little competition into it, then you are all in for a great night.

Pick a food that everyone can manageably cook, and then have everyone find or create their own recipe. You will of course need judges as well. My family can get very passionate in a setting like this, so it’s best that the tasting and judging is all done anonymously, if you know what I mean.

Chili is an awesome option to use for a competition, and it’s the perfect fall meal. Or, if you love desserts just like us, you can pick a festive holiday treat that everyone has to make! The best part is that you all have something delicious to enjoy together afterward.

Just because celebrating this year looks a little bit different, it doesn’t mean it can’t be just a special! We all have a little extra time right now so why not use it to spend time with the ones that you love. We are very grateful for your support and hope you and your family make lots of memorable moments this year.

Happy Holidays!

Kim & Natalie

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