DIY Galentines Invitations

So you’re having a GALentines party, hip hip hooray! You have all the details planned out except for the most important one, inviting all your gal pals. You know who to invite, but want to be a little more creative than the go-to Facebook event page. I think it’s time to explore your artsy side and make custom invitations for all of your friends! It will make the hole thing feel special and more personal. I’m going to show a few options easy and hard to make some cute custom cards!


For the easier of the two options head over to Target, our favorite place in the whole world. I know it will be hard to pass by the one dollar section, and all of the beautiful already made valentines cards, but be strong and head to the blank cards and stickers. This will be more work, but it will be worth it to see how happy your friends are with their personalized cards. Grab some blank pink, white or red note cards and whatever stickers you want to jazz them up with! I went for pink cards, heart stickers and sparkly gold letters!

Now is the fun part! You can use these three items to play around and make each card different. I went with putting just first initials on one and whole names on another. It was fun to be creative with it and incorporate all my friends amazing personalities into the cards!

Even though this option might be easy, it definitely looks good and gets the job done in a super cute way.


Now for the harder option. If you’re a big crafter, like me, DIY GALentines party invitations for your friends can be your time to shine. Grab some paper and whatever art medium is your fav and go to town. Make sure to look at Pinterest for inspo! I went with pen and watercolor because that is what I love to work with. I did scroll on Pinterest for a minute... or maybe an hour... and just went for it. This definitely takes more time, but I’m really happy with the way they turned out!

To start things off I went with a Bachelor themed invitation because I knew it would be a crowd pleaser for all of my friends.

Next I went for a more artsy abstract vibe.

And for my last one I went pretty simple. I painted bunch of xoxo's on the front of the card in red watercolor. But I think the repetition and graphic nature of the card keeps it interesting!

I hope this helps you make your GALentines invitations stand out and gives some time to express yourselves creatively!

Happy crafting!



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