DIY Mother’s Day Cards You Can Make At Home

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we are making some cards that you can replicate at home! It is all about making your mom feel special, and they will love receiving one of these DIY cards from their kiddo.

Card #1:

The first card we made honestly looks so professional it’s like it was bought at a store! Our newest Cricut purchase was buying the Cricut Joy. It is a smaller machine that operates from an app on your phone. This machine specifically has lots of functions in order to make beautifullllll cards.

You will need:

A Cricut Joy Machine

Their card mat and card making papers/envelope

We decided to use one of their Mother’s Day card templates just to try it out. We went with a pastel pink background with a holographic silver insert. We are SO happy with the results! If you are looking to add a new machine to your crafting collection, definitely consider the Cricut Joy. It is AWESOME.

Card #2:

This card is perfect for all of our painting friends out there! Get your thesaurus out, because we need synonyms.

You will need:

One piece of card stock, any color

Multiple colors of paint

Paint brushes


For this card, we thought of as many different ways to say “mom” as we could. Once we had a nice list, we played around with the placement of each one until we filled up the whole color. It’s very important to do this in pencil because you might have to change things around a few times to get it right. Let your creative side shine and use some different fonts and sizes. Once you have it all planned out, start painting! We did each one a different color to really make them all stand out.

Card #3:

For the next card we decided to go a little out of the box to make my mom feel special. Her favorite flowers are sunflowers, so we made that the focus of this card.

You will need:

One piece of card stock, any color

Other card stock that are the color of your mom's favorite flower OR cut outs from magazines or from pictures online.

We used our Cricut Maker to make this card. It made it really easy to get a detailed sunflower cut out. But if you do not have access to a Cricut, there is no need to fear! To make your mom a card with her favorite flower you could either: a) cut out card stock to make the design yourself, or, b) cut out her favorite flowers from magazines/pictures you print off to make a little collage! Either way, this is a fun card project that your mom will be sure to love.

Card #4:

Lastly, this giant card will 100% make your mom feel special. The saying “the bigger the better” is quite accurate here, and we really did not shy away from size.

You will need:

One large poster board, any color

A variety of fake flowers


Hot glue gun

Paint (optional)

We chose to add a little bit of paint to ours because the only poster board available was plain white, and we wanted it to be a little more exciting. Once painted and dry, use the pencil to sketch out the word “MOM”, and then start gluing! It helps to lay out the flower first and get a game plan. Make sure you don’t put each letter too close together to leave room for the flowers!

We hope your mommas enjoy these cards, and you have a good time making them! There is honestly nothing better than receiving a cute, homemade card. Moms, this one’s for you!

With love,

Kim and Nat

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