DIY Spa Night Party

We are all a little stressed right now and could use a spa night party! You can do this with the people you are self-isolating with or over zoom with your friends to stay connected. Here are some do it yourself options that you can make with things that you already have at home and other ways to have a relaxing night.

Light Candles:

To really get into the relaxed… light some candles! Some of my all time favorite candles are the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy collection. They have ones to help you sleep, ones to help you de-stress, and my personal fav- one to comfort you! You can also make your own candles, that could be a really really fun quarantine activity!

Play Music:

This is the way to really set the spa night party mood. You can make your own playlist on Spotify full of relaxing tunes or use one of their pre-made playlists! Either way, music is a very important aspect of your spa night party.


Having your nails done always makes you feel a little more put together, right? Natalie is awesome at doing nails and has an entire gel set up! If you have the right supplies, you can get close to professional results. If you are like me, you've probably resorted back to using regular polish. It takes patience, but is totally worth it. Try a fun bright color to get ready for summer!

Face Mask:

There are lots of awesome face masks on the market right now, but because we are at home try making a DIY one! They can be supppperrrr simple. Mix together honey and yogurt and apply it evening on your face. This will help brighten your skin! 

Hair Mask:

My hair has definitely been struggling lately. Try making this simple hair mask at home with 4 tsp of olive oil and 2 tsp of honey to make your hair get its shine back!

Tea or Wine:

Another way to relax with your friends when you are talking on Zoom or the people who you are social distancing with is to drink a soothing drink! Depending on your mood wine or tea will definitely do the trick.

We hope that this encourages you to take some time to focus on self care and connecting with friends!

Wishing you the best during this crazy time,


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