DIY Winter Centerpiece Ideas

Let me start by saying that centerpieces can take any event to the next level, not just weddings. From a reception to a small dinner party, you just can’t go wrong. Even your own personal house decor could always benefit from a nice centerpiece on the dining or coffee table. But, they can get quite pricey. As much as I love and respect all of our florist friends out there, there are definitely some things you can (and should) do yourself. Bonus! It’s also pretty fun.

Centerpieces in the winter are a whole new can of worms. The options are not limited, they are just different. For the examples I am showing you today, I chose to go with some classic winter greenery, and add some other accents like pine cones, and candles.

The first centerpiece I made was going down the middle of the table like a table runner. I chose to do this on my coffee table, but this would look great on something larger like a dining table as well.

You will need:

-2-4 types of greenery (I used eucalyptus, cedar, pine, and spruce)

-5 (or more) cylinder vases

-5 (or more) tea lights


-Optional: pine cones

I started by positioning the five vases where I wanted them. Then, I began by laying down the first type of greenery, followed by the 2nd, 3rd, and so on. Each time I would add a new type I would weave them in and out of each other, creating some layers and hiding the ends. Once I had the greenery in place, I filled my vases with water and added a tea light. Yes-tea lights float and they look beautiful. After that I added pine cones, (or any other accent item you would like), and that’s it! Super easy, takes about five minutes, and will definitely impress your guests.

The next example is more of a classic centerpiece idea and requires some kind of vase. I was feeling extra wintery, so I chose a cute wooden box with a snowflake on it. For centerpieces like these, shorter and wider vases tend to look better.

You will need:

-A vase/holder of some kind

-1 brick of green floral craft wet foam

-2-4 types of greenery (I used the same from above)

-Optional: pine cones & green floral wire

Begin by wetting your foam and putting it in your container. If you are using one like mine or something with holes in it, line it with plastic first so that the water doesn't soak through. Next, cut smaller branches off of your greenery and begin sticking it in the foam. There aren't really any rules or a method when it comes to this part-just go crazy. Make sure to cover all of the edges and the very middle where the green foam might peek through. Once you have all the greens in place, you can add the optional pine cones and use the floral wire to secure them in place. Walla! You have a very professional looking centerpiece.

And that’s all folks! Both of these are very easy to do at home and don’t take too much time! Plus, they smell amazing. Send us some pictures if you try these out yourself.

Until next time,


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