Easy and Inexpensive Back to School Goodie Bags

It’s one of the most busy and exhausting times of year. The shopping, the prep, and the excitement is at an all time high. It’s the time when we have to train our bodies to get back on a schedule after many months of not knowing what day or time it is. That’s right, I’m talking about back to school season.

Let’s face it. Things are going to look a bit different this year for kiddos heading back into the classroom. Or, maybe you are staying at home and doing school online. Whatever your educational world is about to look like, you can still celebrate just like you would any other year! Going back to school means new opportunities, new information to learn, and new friends. How are we going to celebrate a new year of school? With back to school goodie bags, of course!

Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas for what to include in yours…

Fun pencils

Duh! Pencils are the most basic essential when going back to school. So, we might as well pick some cute ones, right? These are from the dollar store, and came in a pack of six. If you are making goodie bags for multiple kids, this is a great option because you can even split them up. I love repackaging things or adding a ribbon so that everything looks cohesive. I did the same thing with highlighters, also from the dollar store.


Now, let’s get serious (kindof). I feel confident saying that everyone will need a mask if you are physically going back to school. So, again, let’s make it cute! My theory is that if you include a fun, cute mask in the goodie bag, the kids might actually be excited to wear them! There are lots of tutorials out there for DIY masks, or they have some adorable ones on Etsy.

Hand sanitizer

Being clean is smart! Hand sanitizer is a great thing to include in a back to school

Goodie bag, pandemic or not. I made new labels for mine and glued them on. It’s a super easy DIY craft that will make that hand sanitizer feel a little more special.

Personalized Notebook

I am a sucker for anything personalized. At home or in the classroom, it is nice for each student to be able to keep their supplies organized. Having their very own notebook with their name on it will help them do that! Plus, kids usually feel pretty cool when they get something that has only their name on it. The dollar store has tons of great options for notebooks, big or small. I used the cricut to cut out the names in vinyl, but you could also purchase letter stickers or draw it on with a stencil to get the same effect.


Last, but certainly not least, your back to school goodie bag needs a treat! Smarties are my go-to treat for anything school related. They are inexpensive, kids love ‘em, and they have a built in pun. Gummy worms for “bookworms” are also a great option, or Swedish fish to “o-fish-ally” mark the first day of school. It’s a well known fact that kids love treats, and they will love you even more if you give them one.

So, there you have it folks. Back to school goodie backs are the perfect thing you need to head into the year the right way. They are inexpensive, easy, and the kids will love them. Here’s to another school year filled with fun, learning, and excitement. The pandemic can’t stop us from (safely) celebrating.

Happy schooling!


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