Easy Breakfast Ideas for Your Next Party

I know that parties usually are a nighttime thing, but that doesn’t always have to be the case! Why not have all of your BFFs over for a morning get together?? It will be the perfect way to start the day off right. Having a morning party and serving breakfast doesn’t have to be hard. There are lots of easy options that will please allllll of your guests.


People. Love. Tacos. It is as simple as that. But I feel like breakfast tacos are extremely underrated. They are easy and delicious so you definitely need to try them out. The nice thing about breakfast tacos is that you can basically use anything that you having leftover from other meals! Whether that is beans, corn, veggies, or more, most things work well on a taco. So get creative with it!

Avocado Toast

If you are trendy at all, you have 100% had a piece of avocado toast. This has been a huge thing lately, so why not have it at your next party?? People will think that you are the coolest person ever and will love you for it. Avocado toast is really easy for people to customize and is super filling. Your guests will leave very satisfied. We have a blog post coming soon about how to have an amazing avocado toast bar! Keep a look out for it.


If you are more in the mood for a sweet breakfast option, crepes are the way to go! People always think that they are hard to make, so you will look extra impressive if you whip them out at your party. We recently wrote a blog post about a crepe bar that is to die for. It has a simple recipe and all the amazing flavor combos you need to elevate your breakfast party food. Read it here!


Pancakes are a breakfast staple. You can easily customize them to people’s tastes and they are easy to make in the moment. If you are looking to step up the presentation game of your pancakes, try doing a pancake charcuterie board! We have an entire blog post dedicated to how to pull it off. Read it here to get some much needed inspo.


These go along the same lines as the breakfast tacos. You could serve them at the same time at the same party, or keep them separate. For breakfast burritos you definitely need eggs, then let your guests experiment with the rest. People might want to keep it simple with bacon and potatoes OR go crazy by adding some peppers and onions. You'll also want an array of hot sauces on the side for people to use. This will really help bring out the flavors of all of the other ingredients.

Brekkie with your besties is the way to go. For your next party, switch up the evening shindig to a morning masterpiece! Your friends will be pleasantly surprised.

Rise and shine, it’s party time!


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