Easy Halloween Decorations that Won’t Break the Bank

If you have been around for a while, then you know that we LOVE decorating for the holidays. And, if you are new to this whole Life is a Party thing, then you are in for a real treat. October is the month of all things spooky, and you know we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to decorate.

I’ve put together some of my favorite Halloween decorations that I used this year. You might be thinking: why would I want to put these decorations in my house? Well, let me tell you. They are easy, inexpensive, and look amazing. Let’s get spooky!


Shocker, I know. But, it’s seriously crazy to me how pumpkins can make a room come to life! There are so many different pumpkin options out there, real or fake. Whether you have a front porch or not, pumpkins are the perfect addition to your Halloween decor.

Try something new this year! You could paint pumpkins, fill up a basket, put them on shelves...the options are limitless! Plus, pumpkins are not expensive at all so it’s easy to buy a lot. Once I get going with decor, it’s hard to stop. Or, you can get some cute fake ones and use them year after year.

Spooky Halloween Signs

This next one is a personal favorite of mine, but I think I’m a little bias. Every holiday that I decorate for (which is all of them) always includes a cute sign. If you are a DIY person like us, you can totally make your own! Or, you can buy one of our cute seasonal signs and save yourself some time (we've got a lot of good ones). Either way, decorative signs are just what you need to tie your Halloween decor together.

Spider trail

We are starting to get spoooooky over here! I think we all remember those plastic Spider rings that we got every Halloween while growing up. While I don’t want to wear them on my hands anymore, I did want to find a fun way to use them. So, a spider wall it is!

All I did was cut the back band off, and used poster putty to hang them on the wall! You can make it random or make it look like a bunch of spiders crawling along a pathway. Gross, I know. But kind of fun, and extra spooky.

Spooky Mason Jars

Once the spooky-ness starts I just can’t stop! I’ve taken it upon myself to try and incorporate mason jars in all of my decor because 1. I have so many, and 2. I love a good challenge. For Halloween, I decided to make some spooky jars. They look really cool with a teal light inside, or some spooky flowers, or they are also fun to just have out on a shelf.

I used painters tape to make some fun (and random) designs, and then painted over it with black acrylic paint. Once it dries, peel the tape off and wa-la! You have a spooky design.

Candle Sticks & Lanterns

I always get inspired by vintage items when it comes to Halloween decor, because it really sets the mood. All of my candlesticks and lanterns are thrifted, and I see more every time I go!

I think candles in general are a great addition for halloween decor, and having a fun way to display them makes it even better. They look great on a mantle or dining table. It also makes me feel fancy, so, why wouldn't I want them?

Black, White, and Orange Accents

This is my favorite hack when I am decorating for a holiday. The first thing I do is look at what I already have. Display the black and white pillows you have in the front. And maybe you could pull out some black and orange books for the coffee table.

At my house, we have a wall where we display records and we always pick records that fit the holiday theme and colors. It’s little details like this that add so much, and will not cost you any money. Always look at what you already have first! You'll be surprised at how much you can find.

Candy Jars with Candy

I would like to argue that candy is one of the most important parts of Halloween. I love candy way too much, so naturally, I had to incorporate it into my decor, and this is the perfect holiday to do it.

I have these cute, classic looking candy jars that look so fun! (You can also rent these from us if you are having a Halloween party, just by the way.) Any bowl, vase, etc. will work, but I recommend using something glass so that you can see the candy through it. My friends also enjoy my house a lot more when they have unlimited access to candy. But, I can’t really blame them.


Another favorite of mine! What better holiday to create some moody lighting than Halloween?! There are so many options: colored lights, white lights, fairy lights, bistro lights, whatever you have, hang them! You probably have old Christmas lights hanging around that you could also use, just by disguising them under some fabric or tule.

I also know that the dollar store has purple and orange halloween lights specifically around Halloween time, and I’ve used the same strands for 3 years now, still going strong. I also love the fun (and creepy) shadows they make on the wall. So, turn off the overhead lights and bring on the lights!

Tombstone Wall Hangings

These tombstone wall hangings are a great option for a DIY project to do with kiddos. They are so simple to cut out-you don’t even need a Cricut! My favorite thing about them is that you can customize the text and make it a little funny. We love a good laugh.

I hung mine on a beam that I have between a hallway area and my living room. I wanted to line them up on the bottom edge of something, and also layer them on top of each other. I used a few different shades of grey paper and cut them into various shapes. Super easy and fun!

Painted Wine Bottles

This idea came to me because my glass recycling was overflowing and I was too lazy to take it out-ha. A little bit of spray paint gave them a new life! You can use any size and shape of bottles you have. Once they are all painted, they look great together.

Also, talk about cheap decor. The can of spray paint was $1, and I didn't even use it all. Plus, I already had all the bottles. Yay saving money! Sometimes all you need are some items to make things like shelves, mantles, etc. seem a little more full. These painted bottles are perfect for that!

Halloween is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to decorate! This is an easy way to get the spooky fun going in your house and get everyone excited! I think we could all use a little holiday fun (and scare) right about now.

Happy Halloweeeeen!


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