Fall Front Porch Decor

Fall is in the air baby! You know that we LOVE decor, especially when it comes to fall. We are here to give you all of the inspiration you will need to make your front porch shine.

First things first you are going to need some pumpkins. Because what is fall without pumpkins?? Our go-to place for pumpkins and gourds is always Trader Joe's. They have an incredible selection of classic big orange pumpkins, quirky colorful ones, gourds, and little tiny orange and white ones.

When selecting your pumpkins it is important to have a good balance of size, shape, and number of each type. I like to get an odd number of classic orange ones and start by placing them first then place the smaller orange ones in different areas to spread out the color. Getting a few fun, unique, ones will help break things up and you can also add a few gourds which will make the porch look more natural. Then add the tiny ones at the end to fill in any gaps!

This year I decided to add a new big element to the front porch display, hay bales. I knew that they would add a nice height element for the pumpkins! I got a large one from Micheals Craft Store and the smaller one from Walmart. I placed one on each side to keep it balanced. Then I placed the pumpkins around and on top to create a little tableau on each side! I really like the way that they turned out and will definitely try to incorporate them again in future years!

To add a fun little character to the display I added a scarecrow! She is very fashionable and I love her. She definitely adds a little fun to the mix. To add a little extra detail to the display (that only I will see lol) I added a festival fall welcome mat. I found this one on sale at Michaels and love how simple it is. Another thing that is a MUST to incorporate is a fall wreath. I have always had a hard time finding one that I like, so I decided to DIY my own this year! I thrifted this whicker wreath and added some artificial pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones. It was really fun to play around with the layout and get creative with it!

The last element that really ties everything together are mum flowers! They are a fall staple and really help take the porch to the next level. I decided to plant mine in planters that I already had by my front door and think that they add a nice touch!

Here is the finished product:

This post is all just to help give you some inspiration on how to make your house festive for fall without it being stressful! Everyone has their own decor style, which is important to remember. Seasonal decor should be all about what makes YOU happy. When you come home from a long day at work the way that your space looks and makes you feel is what is most important. Have fun playing around with different decor items and I hope this helped!

Happy Fall!


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