GALentines Party Goodie Bags

Happy Galentines Day! It’s time to get ready for your party! I always recommend having a meaningful Galentines night in with friends so that you can spend quality time together for the holiday. Whether you are watching movies, having a wine night, or a potluck- it can be fun to have a goodie bag for your guests! It shows that you were thinking about them and wanted to make the night extra special. These can be things that you all use and enjoy together at the party or things they can take to go! Here are some ideas of things to put in your goodie bags:

You’ll need:

A face mask

Self care babyyyyyy! Taking a second to focus on yourself is something that we don't do enough, so why don't we encourage our amazing friends to do so as well? They 100% deserve it.


This is a valentine’s must. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. I picked Hershey's kisses because they are cute and very on theme with the atmosphere of love in the air! They also come in a bunch of different flavors so you can customize them to your friends tastes.


At the liquor store they have these cute little cans of house wine. I’ve always wanted an excuse to get one, and galentines is the perfect occasion! Nothing screams galentines like rosé, so get some for your gals and you are sure to be in for a good night.


In the winter months all of our lips are DRY. Your friends will absolutely appreciate you having their back and getting them some chapstick. Plus I feel like everyone is always losing theirs, so they probably need some right about now.

A card

This is by far the most important part of the whole goodie bag. It is time to feel all the feels and write about what your friends truly mean to you. Grab a pen and paper and get going!

The presentation

Presentation is everything! So you'll need a cute gift bag to tie it all together. I grabbed these one from the Dollar Store. 3 of them for $1, can you believe it??

These goodie bags will take your Galentine's party to the next level. Have fun putting them together and let me know if you add any other fun things to the bag!

Love & Girl Power!


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