Hosting a Painting Party at Home

Sometimes in day to day life we get caught up in a boring cycle that we need to break out of. It’s time to let your creative side shine and invite friends over for an at home paint night. You can go out and do this with a company, but it’s pretty expensive... so try doing it at home!

What you’ll need:


You can go BIG or SMALL. Just go with whatever you think your friends would prefer! Michaels is your best bet when getting nice ones for a good price. I like to use these small thin ones because they are practical to display in your house after the party and they are a practical so you don’t have to commit to painting a huge masterpiece.


This is my personal paint box, it’s a little excessive, I know.

You don’t have to break the bank when hosting a paint night. Michael’s has an amazing section where they have every color of paint acrylic paint you could ever need all at 79 cents, which is a total steal. Grab all your favorite colors or even every color of the rainbow if you feel like it!

A source of creative inspo:

Some people are super creative and can think of incredible things to paint right off the top of their head, but if you aren’t one of those people there’s no need to worry! Pick a few photos for inspiration. These are some finished paintings from a paint night I did with friends! We all found our inspiration on Pinterest, so that is definitely a good place to start when getting ideas.

A killer playlist:

This will really set the mood of your entire paint night. I created a playlist and added a bunch of chill music to get all of the creative juices flowing!


You don’t need a bunch of crazy snacks, so just have something fun for people to nibble on! A fruit tray with every color of the rainbow will keep things artsy.


Red- Strawberries


Yellow- Banana

Green- Kiwis or Green Grapes

Blue- Blueberries

Indigo- Blackberries

Violet- Grapes

Having a paint night party will be a fun way for everyone in your friend group to de-stress and they get to take home something fun to remember the night by! We would love to see how your paintings turn out.

Happy Painting!


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