Hosting the Perfect Bachelor Watch Party

It's Bachelor season! Peter's season of The Bachelor is in full swing and let me pull a Chris Harrison and say that this might just be the most "dramatic season of all time". The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise are all shows that need to be watched with friends. The more people to shout their opinions at the screen the better. Because this is season 24 of The Bachelor, it is time to spice your viewing parties up. Here a few fun things you can do to make this season special for you and your friends:


Bachelor Bingo

We made this board based off of some of the most common things that happen in every Bachelor episode. Get some cute red M&Ms or Skittles to use as Bingo pieces and play along as the episode airs.

Guessing who is getting kicked off this week

Have a jar that everyone has to put their guesses into before the rose ceremony starts. If they guess correctly who is going home, have a cute prize for them like a face mask!

Drinking game

If you and your friends are down to get a little lit on a Monday, then this could be a really fun option for you. Here is a chart we made (with some inspo from Pinterest). Have so much fun and remember to always drink responsibly and don't drive!

Click here to get access to the printable PDF's for both games!

Fantasy league

If you have a group of friends who watches the show every week then this is a must. There is a really good site called Bach Bracket that can help you get started.

They have info about the Bachelor:

Pictures and info about the girls. Which is VERY helpful because I honestly get all of them confused until hometowns:

And they have a place for you to start your own fantasy league! You get to pick a fun names and invite your friends to join. Then you go through and make your picks about who is going to make it to the end and who is going to be sent packing. If you want to make the stakes even higher you can have everyone put $5 or $10 in at the beginning of the season and whoever wins the bracket gets all of the money at the end!

Yummy Food



This is a classic and somewhat healthy snack. When you're mindless watching Peter hand out roses you'll be sure to eat the whole bowl (so have extras!)

Main Course:

For this it's usually best to keep it simple. Order pizza or have your friends all UberEats their favs as a special treat.

OR something that could be really fun is having the food of each week be themed. One night could be Mexican food themed: Someone could bring margaritas, another person brings chips and guac then you could make tacos. This would be a fun way to get everyone involved and to continue to keep things interesting.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I feel like these are some of the of the most "romantic" desserts of all time, so it works perfectly for your watch party!

Crumbl Cookies

If you live in Salt Lake City and haven’t had Crumbl Cookies you are 100% missing out. You order them through an app and they are dropped off to your house warm and delicious. Plus- they switch their flavors out every week so you'll never get bored!


Wine, wine and more wine. This one is pretty self explanatory because it is The Bachelor , and, that and wine kind of go hand in hand. A way to step up your normal bottles of wine is by adding Bachelor themed labels! It is easy and super cute!

Hopefully now you're ready for the ultimate Bachelor watch party. Now all you need is to invite all of your friends over and tune in! Tell Chris Harrison hi from us.



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