How to Host the Perfect Picnic: Date Night Edition

When was the last time you went all out on planning a picnic? I’m not just talking about throwing down a blanket and loading up a basket. I mean the most glamorous outdoor meal on the ground you have ever seen.

Picnics are 100% underrated, and an awesome, inexpensive way to plan a date for someone special. If you are like me and love being outdoors, this is the perfect way for you to enjoy a meal. We (obviously) wanted to elevate the picnic, so I took things to the next level.

This picnic was for an anniversary, so get ready to feel the love.

Because this is an elegant picnic, I didn’t want the couple to just eat on the floor. I brought back to life an old wooden pallet and used it as a little table. It was the perfect size for two people, and it was also easy to transport and lift with one person. I attached two pieces of wood onto the bottom to lift it off of the ground a little bit. I didn’t want it to be too tall so they could still have that classic picnic setup of sitting on the ground.

The nice thing about wooden pallets is that they already have that rustic vibe, so you don’t need to go full perfectionist if you decide to paint it like I did. Wooden pallets are also CHEAP. I’d say that 99% of the time you can get your hands on one for free because people throw those bad boys away every day. If you do end up buying one, they are never usually more than $10.00.

To decorate the table, I went with some very simple components to compliment the setting. A yellow table cloth runner and some simple vases did just that. In the vases, I used eucalyptus and baby’s breath. Nature is already so beautiful and the perfect setting, so we didn’t need much to make it look great.

I also used some tea lights floating in small vases with water, and fairy lights to add an extra sparkle. To finish it off, I sprinkled little wooden hearts in between all the vases.

For each place setting, I knew I wanted a placemat to prevent things from falling through the holes in the wooden pallet. I also used a reusable plastic plate, cloth napkin, and utensils. It is common to use disposable items for a picnic, but it is just as easy, and better for the environment, to use reusable ones. Plus, it looks so much cuter.

The printed menu was probably my favorite part of the whole thing. It is such an easy way to add a small detail that will not go unnoticed. We love using printed menus for many different kinds of events.

For comfort reasons, I used a few cute pillows where each person was sitting. Make sure to put a blanket down under the pallet to protect the booties from getting dirty.

There are so many options for food when it comes to a picnic. You can make/pack the food yourself, or order out. It might even be fun to think outside of the box and do something other than the classic picnic foods. Whatever you do, put it in a basket! It’s not a picnic without one.

Champagne is a must for an anniversary date night, so the picnic obviously required that as well. A bucket with some ice is an easy way to keep beverages cold when you are away from a fridge.

We love picnics and how easy/inexpensive they are. It’s fun to take the classic “picnic elements” and put a little spin on them to make an elegant event. After all, it only takes two to have a party!

Let us know if you try this! (Or, just hire us to do it for you ;).


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