How to Make the Best Sundae Bar for Your Next Party

It's ice cream time! The weather is hot and that means it is time to get some friends together to celebrate the last little bit of summer with some sweet treats. We had so much fun putting together this ice cream sundae bar and want to give you all the tips and tricks that you need to host one in your back yard. Remember we have to be physically distant, but that doesn't mean we have to be socially distant.

Let's face it, the most important guest at this party is the ice cream. You could go with having a lot of different flavors if you are feeling crazy, or just stick to the classics: chocolate and vanilla. Make sure to get an ice bucket to display it in and to keep it cold. You don't want melted ice cream... because that is the worst.

Now that you know what ice cream you are going to use, you're going to need something to serve it in. We got these super cute old-fashioned sundae glasses from the Dollar Store and it really took everything to the next level. They definitely made people feel ~fancy~.

As far as toppings go for your sundae bar, you're lucky that people have been eating ice cream for as long as we can remember. This means that there are a good handful of toppings that people love and expect at a sundae bar, which makes your job easy. Get caramel and chocolate sauce-everyone is a fan of one or the other. A fun idea is to put some in the glass before the ice cream so it gets evenly distributed. We also used whipped cream and cherries! They were the perfect finishing touches to everyones sweet treat.

Next you'll want to get things that will add texture or flavor to people's ice cream. It is always nice to include fruit, to brighten up the sundae, chocolate to add a richness, and sprinkles... for fun!

Now that you have all of the food elements down, you need to make the sundae bar cute AF. This is where decorations come in! Lots of stores have ice cream themed signs and other decor during the summer. It's basically like they can read our minds... crazy right?

We grabbed this cute sign that says, "homemade ice cream", and no... the ice cream is NOT homemade, but no one needs to know that. We also got these neon ice cream cone lights at Target! We love them and they definitely add a pop to the table.

Try making some custom decor to show your creative side. A chalk board always does the trick! You can also make a custom bunting to take advantage of the front of the display as well. Ours says, "sundae funday!." To finish things off you'll need some cute napkins and spoons! If you get them in your color scheme it will tie the whole thing together.

We hope that your sundae bar is a hit! Our last piece of advice is to host your sundae bar on an ACTUAL Sunday! Get it? Pretty awesome, we know.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!


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