How to Make Your Own Boutonnieres

Are you looking for ways to save money on your wedding? The answer is ALWAYS. We are huge advocates of saving money, especially when it comes to weddings, and we believe that there are many easy ways you can make that happen. So, we have called in our flower expert Bayley to show us how to make your own Boutonnières. We promise, it is easier than you think.

Bayley works for a local florist shop in Salt Lake City, and this girl knows her stuff. We knew she would be the perfect person to help us with our project, plus, she’s pretty cute. So, grab your notebook kids. You’ll want to write this down.

Here is what you will need:



Floral tape



Boutonniere pins

The flowers you use are totally up to you, and don’t be afraid to get creative. For our Boutonnière, Bayley recommended that we used one larger flower for the focal point and then added some other smaller flowers around it. Greenery is also a must because it will help fill out the Boutonnière more and complement the flowers that you choose. Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive.

Our favorite place to buy flowers and greenery for a project like this is Trader Joes! (Shocker.) You can buy what they have in stores on any given day, or order specific flowers/greenery online ahead of time.

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Step One:

Choose what flower is going to be the focal point. Cut the stem off, leaving about 4 inches still attached to the flower. The main flower should have the longest stem.

Step Two:

If you are using any accent flowers, start cutting those stems and placing them around the larger flower. These stems can be cut a little bit shorter so that it’s not too bulky.

Step Three:

You can start to add in the greenery at this stage in between some of the flowers. The nice thing about boutonnières is that there aren’t really any rules when it comes to placing the flowers. Bayley likes to think of a Boutonnière as a mini bouquet. It is a piece of art!

As you are adding flowers and greenery, hold the Boutonnière up to your chest to see how it will lay.

Step Four:

Once you have all the flowers and greenery placed to your liking, it is time to wrap! Using the green floral tape, start at the top of the stems right underneath the flowers. Position the tape at an angle, and begin wrapping it around all of the flowers as you go towards the bottom. It is important to get it as tight as you can so that it all stays together. Floral tape is not very sticky, so you really have to hold it tight.

Step Five:

Once you get back to the top, wrap it horizontally a few times and press it down until it sticks, and cut the remaining tape off.

Step Six:

The next step is to add the ribbon. The ribbon should not be the main focal point, but it should complement the colors of the flower. Wrap the ribbon diagonally, similar to the way that you wrapped the tape.

Step Seven:

When you reach the bottom of the stems, rotate the Boutonnière so that the ribbon is angling the other way, and you can start wrapping it back up towards the stem. Once you get back up to the top, tie a double knot to secure it. Once you have it secured, you can cut the ends of the ribbon shorter.

Step Eight:

It’s now time to add the pins. Boutonnières usually work well with two pins, but it might be nice to have extras. Also, does anybody else alway struggle with putting these bad boys on?

Step Nine:

Probably the most important step...send this blog post to your friends and family so that they can help you. The last thing you should be doing on or the day before your wedding is making a Boutonnière! So, don’t be afraid to ask for help, I’m sure you will have many volunteers.

We hope this blog post makes all of your wanna-be florist dreams come true. Even if you’re not planning a wedding, this is a great skill that you will most definitely use one day. Plus, it’s fun.

Happy flower picking!

Kim, Nat, and Bayley

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