How to Make Your Own Christmas Tree Skirt

I have never felt like the saying “‘tis the season to be jolly” was more needed than it is in 2020. I obviously feel the most jolly when I am decorating, especially when I am decorating for Christmas. If you are a crafter like me, then you are constantly looking for things you can make around the holidays. Or, maybe you aren’t a crafter but you are just bored from being home all the time. Either way, this easy, DIY tree skirt is the perfect craft.

The best part is, you only need a few things to make it, and it won’t cost more than $10.00 total. Have I convinced you yet? Thought so. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fabric (I used a thrifted sheet).

  • Scissors (obviously).

  • Fabric Glue (because ain’t nobody got time to sew).

  • Chalk (not necessary, but if you have it, use it).

You can definitely grab some fabric from your local craft store, but if I can thrift something, that’s always my first choice. I found these festive plaid sheets at a Savers for $6, and it came with the top and bottom sheet so I was able to make two skirts. If you buy fabric, flannel is a great option.

Stat by laying the fabric out flat and folding it in half, and then cutting down the middle. We are going to make two circles that are the same size. If your fabric is super wrinkly, you might want to run an iron over it to help it lay flat. To cut the circle, fold one piece of fabric in half and draw a half-circle with the chalk. Leave at least a 3” boarder from the edge.

Once you have the half circle drawn, it’s time to start cutting. Instead of cutting right on the drawn line, cut about 2-3” around it. This extra space is going to be the fringe that we later tie together.

The best part about this project is that it is VERY forgiving. I did not measure anything throughout this process.

After you cut out the circle, lay it on top of the other piece of fabric and use it as a guide to cut the other one. Lay the two finished circles on top of each other. If your fabric has a pattern, lay them both pattern side up.

Next, we cut the fringe. I made my pieces about ¾” thick, but if you like the wider look, go for it, boo. Start at one edge and cut a line until you get to the chalk line. Continue this until you get all the way around.

Now, we have to make a longer slit halfway down the middle so that the skirt can go all the way around the Christmas tree. Find the middle of two pieces of fringe and continue the line you already cut until you get to the middle of the circle. I just eyeballed it.

Here is where the fabric glue comes in. Glue the two pieces of fabric together all the way up the seam, on both sides, until you reach the chalk line where the fringe starts. This will help the skirt stay together and lay better when you put it under the tree.

It’s time to get tying! Going all the way around the circles, tie the top and bottom piece of fringe together in a double knot. Don’t tie it too tight, but make sure the knot is all the way at the bottom to cover the chalk line. This is the most tedious part, but I promise, it’s worth it.

Final step: give yourself a treat, cocktail, and pat on the back.

Ta-da! An adorable tree skirt made by your own two hands. Don’t you feel accomplished? This would also make a great DIY gift. Send us pics if you try it-we love to talk decor.

Happy holiday crafting!


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