How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt for your Next Party

You know that Kim and I love to celebrate,

So we came up with a party activity that is so great.

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Hello and welcome to the blog post where we can only talk in rhymes...

I’m kidding. But, to be honest I have never rhymed so much in my life than when I put together this scavenger hunt. I have always thought that scavenger hunts are so much fun, and a great activity for a party! It’s very interactive, and, depending on the group you are with, they could get REALLY into it. We love a little friendly competition.

While my friends were doing the scavenger hunt, I am not gonna lie, I felt a little left out. BUT I really did have so much fun putting it together for them, and it was awesome to see them enjoy it. So, if you are the chosen one who gets to put it together, here is a fun and easy way to do it! (Or you could just call Kim and I to come put it together for you…)

STEP 1: Know the crowd.

Think about the group you are setting the hunt up for. How old are they? Do they like games? Will they be okay with walking a lot? Will they know the area you are in? These are some of the things I thought about when I was first starting this process. I wanted to make the scavenger hunt hard enough that they actually had to think and work together, but not impossible that they weren’t going to have a good time.

STEP 2: Scout out the area.

The next thing I did was went for a walk around the area I was going to use and tried to find places to hide the clues. The furthest I went was about four blocks away from the house we were going to start. I made a list of the locations I liked, and where I would actually hide the clues. I also wrote down recognizable things surrounding that area that I could mention in the clue to help them find it. I had a list of 10-12 locations, even though I was only planning on using six.

STEP 3: Write the clues.

It’s rhyme time, baby. I went through each location I had written down and let my creative juices flow. I wanted to write down extras just in case some of my rhymes didn’t work out like I had planned. I also cheated (sorry not sorry) and used a rhyming dictionary website to help me when I got stuck. Let your funny side thrive and get creative! I made them specific to my friend group and referenced jokes, memories, people we know, etc.

In each rhyme, I gave clues to the actual location, as well as where I was going to hide the clue in that location. Once they figured out where they were going, they still had to hunt for the clue a little bit. If you are planning this for kids, you could take that step out to make it a little bit easier.

STEP 4: Make the order.

Once you have some clues that you feel great about, it’s time to put them in order. I had three separate teams, and each team was assigned a color. All three teams had the same set of clues, but I arranged them in a different order for each one, except the last clue. Clue #6 for each team lead them all to the final destination where the prize was hidden. I did this so that each team had to figure out the riddles on their own and couldn’t follow each other.

STEP 5: Get a prize.

This step is open to your own interpretation. But, I will say, if there is actually a prize, the participants will probably be more motivated. Plus, I always have fun putting together a gift basket. Treats are usually my go-to, and I also threw in some fun drinks and face masks. Come up with one final rhyme and leave a note on the basket for the winning team.

STEP 6: Set everything up.

Now that you have everything ready, it's time to place the clues! I organized it all beforehand so I knew which clue was going where, depending on the orders I decided for each team. Make sure to secure them really well in the hiding place so that they don’t blow away or fall off (I used tape).

STEP 7: Let the hunt begin!

It’s time to get playing! Assign each team a color, give them their first clue, and watch the competition unfold. After all of your hard work, this is where you get to sit back, relax, and get ready for some entertainment. It’s so much fun to watch everybody figure out the clues, and when they do, they will take off running.

Scavenger hunts are great for all ages and a super fun activity for a party! I was so impressed with how into it my friends were. If you follow these steps, it will hopefully make the process easy (and enjoyable) so that you have fun too

Happy Hunting!


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