Inexpensive Easter Decoration Ideas

Happy April, ya’ll! We are ready for the flowers, warmth, and of course, Easter. As the first major holiday of the season, we are diving right in and decorating. Now that we are all spending a lot more time at home, we wanted to give you some fun decoration ideas that will make a great DIY project. You can do these with the kids, roommates, or by yourself! Either way, your house will be looking cute and ready for the Easter Bunny.

Paint Sample Egg Garland

You will need:

Paint swatches of different colors



The only part of this decoration that you actually have to pay for is the string you use to hang it, and, chances are you probably already have this in your house. This could also be done with regular card stock or colored paper, but we like the stripes that the paint swatches have.

Paper Bunnies with Flower Tails

You will need:



Hole puncher

Small flowers

This is such a fun way to incorporate flowers into your decor without doing full centerpieces. We used a circuit to cut out our bunnies, but you could also print some out and cut them out by hand. It is best to use card stock because the stiffness helps it stand up. Once you have the bunny cut out, punch a hole in the bottom and put a flower with a shorter stem through it. It acts like a little kick-stand so it will stay upright.

Clothespin Bunnies

You will need:

Wooden clothespins

Hot glue

White paint



Who knew that your average clothespin would turn into such a cute little bunny?! These are great for decorating tables, adding to floral centerpieces, or hiding around the house for a fun scavenger hunt. Plus, they are super easy to make. Take apart the clothespins and remove the metal spring. Hot glue them together and cover completely with the white paint. Once dry, use the markers to draw in the face, ears, and any other feature you want. Tie a little bow around the neck and you are done!

Yarn Carrots

You will need:



Green card stock

Orange Yarn

Hot glue

This one is the most tedious, but it has helped us pass the time lately. Crumple up the newspaper and put different pieces together to form a carrot shape. Once you have the desired size, wrap tape around the whole thing to secure it into place. To make the stem, cut the end of the green paper to make fringe, and then roll it up. Use the hot glue to secure it onto the top of the carrot. Then, starting at the top, use the hot glue to secure one end of the yarn down, and start wrapping in around the carrot, securing it with hot glue as you go. The tighter and closer together you can get it, the better.

Pom Pom Tail Banner

You will need:

Pom poms

Construction Paper


Hot glue

We love a little bit of 3-D action on a banner. Use the method of your choice to cut out bunny shapes, preferably one of a profile view. Use hot glue to secure the pom poms on where the tail is. We used a small piece of paper folded in threes to make a little loop on the back. This made it so we could put a string through them and they were adjustable once we hung it up.

Paper Chains

You will need:

Colored paper, cut into trips

Tape, staples, or glue

A classic. This a great project, especially for kids that only requires two things: paper and staples (you could also use tape). The fun pastel colors are lovely for Easter, it’s quick, and there is no mess to cleanup after.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs

You will need:

Plastic easter eggs

Washi tape-different colors and patterns

This is a great alternative if you don’t want the mess of dying eggs with the kids. There is a lot of freedom and room for creativity, and it’s easy! It adds that special little touch to normal Easter eggs. These are great for hiding, a centerpiece, wreath, or you can even put them in the easter baskets!

We hope that this gives you some inspiration to get started on decorating! I think we could all use a little holiday happiness right now. Let us know which DIY projects you try out and where you put them.

Much love,

Kim and Nat

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