Inexpensive Valentine's Party Decor Ideas

Ah, February… the month of love. What are two things I love, you ask? Parties and saving money. So, let’s save money on a Valentine's party, shall we?

I know we all fantasize about hosting a party that is “Pinterest worthy”, filled with insanely beautiful decor, yummy food, and all of your guests having an amazing time. Decorating a party can be an intimidating task, not knowing where to start. Once you get the creativity going and embrace the crafting, the decorations will practically make themselves.

Here are some of my favorite easy, inexpensive, and amazing looking decor ideas for your Valentine's party:

Flowers in Vases- Fake or Real

I know what you are thinking, “flowers are NOT inexpensive”. In some cases, you are right. But I am not about to tell you to go out and buy 3 dozen of the finest roses. There are many inexpensive flower options that would be perfect for a Valentine's party: baby’s breath, greenery, carnations, wax flowers, the list goes on and on my friends.

Not into it? I also found some great fake flower options at the dollar store that would also make some beautiful arrangements. I’m not even expecting you to spend money on vases. Chances are you probably already have some laying around the house, and you can also use things you already have like old bottles and mason jars.


I love banners, and they are one of my favorite decorations to make myself. Paper and fabric are both inexpensive, great options. I used card stock and some cooking twine for mine, and the whole thing cost me about $2.00.

Heart Confetti on Tables

Are you ready for these complex directions? Take notes. Step one: cut out a bunch of small hearts in different colored paper. Step two: spread them out on a table or any other area that needs some “love”. (Get it? Love? Valentine's day?).

With 2 pieces of paper you can get a good amount of hearts. Costs less than $1.00. Plus, once you make them, you can use them again next year.

Paper Heart Garlands

Another one of my favorite paper crafts for Valentine's Day is this easy heart garland. I made this last year for a Valentines party and it was a big hit. All you do is cut paper into 1/2 inch strips and fold them down the middle. Bring the two ends together at the top to form the shape of a heart. Slide another strip of paper in the middle of the two ends on the folded side. Secure with a staple or tape, and continue until desired length.

Pom Pom Garlands

Pom poms, a needle, and thread is all you need for this one. Thread together the pom poms until the desired length is reached and hang up around your house. These also look super cute if you layer 2 or 3 on top of each other on a mantle or doorway.

Heart Toothpicks

Okay I’m sorry but how CUTE are these?! The one thing I especially love is that it’s SO easy (just taping hearts on toothpicks), SO inexpensive, and you could actually use this for many different party themes. Yes, I know that was more than “one thing” but can you blame me?

Photo Backdrop

One of my favorite ways to make a quick and easy photo backdrop is to use streamers! I got these at the dollar store, but I know they are available at many other stores as well. Start by measuring the height of the wall you are using and cut the streamers into pieces that length. Next, lay out a long piece of tape sticky side up, and they place the streamers along the tape. I did a pattern or white, pink, and red, but it would also look good with just one color. Once all the streamers are in place, lay another piece of tape over the top to secure. Hang it up and you are ready to pose!

I hope that these decoration ideas make your valentines party come to life! Plus, all the money you save on the decorations you can put towards food. It’s a Yeah, everyone is winning around here.

Happy Decorating!



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