Last Minute Dinner Parties with no Stress

SOS! Your extended family is coming into town last minute and you are hosting them all over for dinner. And the best part is… they will be arriving tonight. No stress baby. I have some A+ advice to help you throw a fabulous last minute dinner with absolutely no stress. After all, we do not need those premature wrinkles.

First off, let’s talk food. This is probably the most important part because you can’t really have a dinner party without dinner. But, how can you please multiple people who might possibly have diet restrictions and/or be a picky eater? A bar, that’s how. And no, I don’t mean a bar that you go to to get drinks. I mean a food bar!

You can cook baked potatoes in the oven, crock-pot, instant pot, fire pit, or any of your other cooking methods of choice. Put out some toppings like cheese, butter, green onions, veggie or meat chili, salsa, guac, onions, sour cream, bacon, gravy, pesto, literally anything! A baked potato is the perfect blank canvas for toppings that will please all of your vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friends. Even the kids! Plus, baked potatoes are very inexpensive and great for feeding the larger groups!

Some of my other favorite food “bar” ideas include: a pasta bar, a chili bar, a bruschetta bar, a grilled cheese bar, and

my personal fav, a taco bar. You could also

do it for dessert! A doughnut bar, sundae bar, or brownie bar are all great options.

Now, let’s talk about some of the other essentials that you need to throw a successful last-minute dinner party.

1. Background music. I guarantee we all have some way of streaming music these days. Plug that baby in and let’s jam!

2. Store-bought is your friend. Just put it on a cute platter or serving tray! No one will ever know and it will look like you’ve been cooking all day.

3. Drinks. Even just one “signature” drink will impress all of your guests. Or, have some wine and a few soda options to please everybody.

4. Easy appetizers. If you are really short on time and don’t have the cooking done by the time the guests arrive, throw out something simple like cheese and crackers or chips and dip for them to munch on while they wait.

5. A nice table setting. Buy some flowers and throw those babies in a vase, put out a cute table cloth, and use your best china (or paper plates, I’m not judging).

And there you have it! A successful, last minute dinner party that is sure to impress all of your guests. Who knows, maybe you will start throwing dinner parties for fun, too!

Good luck! Leave a comment to let us know how it goes.



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