Meet Our Guest: RubySnap Cookies

If you live in Salt Lake City and love cookies, head over to RubySnap to grab a treat... it is a MUST. Their cookie flavors are unique and tasty and they are a fun company bringing happiness to SLC in every bite! Founded by Tami Steggall in 2008, RubySnap has quickly become a favorite among locals in the community and beyond.

Tami was not always in the cookie business, but she decided that it was time for change in her career path and cookies were the answer. She knew lots of recipes that had been passed down to her by her mother and wanted to start making cookies in flavors that she liked, and hoped that others would like them as well. Tami had a love for being creative which translated well to cookies and helped her create the brand that we know as RubySnap today.

She strives to make RubySnap a "better place" for her customers and workers always making sure that everyone is happy, because that is the most important thing.

Now for the bit you are all waiting for... the cookies! RubySnap cookies are made of all natural, high quality ingredients, sourced either from other countries (vanilla bean from Bali and mango and coconut from the Philippines) or sourced locally in Salt Lake City. Tami and the RubySnap team are all about "elevating the classics". Their flavors are out of the box and all created by Tami herself. She mentioned that she even keeps a journal full of cookie flavors that haven't been released yet for whenever she gets an idea! Tami never knows where she will get inspiration for a cookie flavor. It could be from a dish she eats while traveling or by working with a company to create a cookie that they need for a special event.

The most special part about each and every RubySnap cookie is that they all have stories and are named after the people who serve as their inspiration. There are cookies named after Tami's mother, her daughter, her friends and more! RubySnap has 20 different cookie choices that are available all day every day. Here are a few of our favorites:

Then RubySnap also has two special flavors each month! For next month (October 2020) the special flavors are Roasted Butternut Squash and Brown Butter Pecan... YUM!

RubySnap cookies are available to purchase in their bakery located at 770 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 and in Harmons & Lee's grocery stores. If you are having an event, the good news is, they cater! Whether it is a corporate event or a wedding, they can make it happen.

Follow RubySnap on instagram: @rubysnap and they have website updates coming in October with even more information about their amazing brand

Make sure to go check out RubySnap and have a cookie for us!

Kim & Nat

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