Mocktails for Your Sober January

Let's be real- December is the month where we all get a little too lit. There are countless holiday parties, and family dinners (where you need a little something to get you through the evening), Christmas happens and then BAM! Straight into New Years. Sure, you had a great time, but you might need to let your liver take a break from all of the alcohol. Whether you are doing a sober January to start the new year off right or just want a small breather, these mocktails will be perfect to keep your pallet interesting! Sorry, but water just isn't going to cut it.

Cranberry Mule

My personal favorite drink of all time is a Mule. Any kind of Mule. You name it- I love it. The cranberry juice in this mocktail mule will be sure to keep you in the festive spirit.

-Ginger beer

-Cranberry Juice


Extra points if you make it in the fancy copper mug. Target has a great selection if you are in the market to buy some!

Citrus Cocktail

This bright, flavorful, mocktail will 100% be your new fav.

-Orange juice

-Tangerine San Pellegrino


-Lime juice

Pomegranate Mimosas

Everyone loves a mimosa, so why not try this yummy alcohol-free version? It will be just as tasty but won’t leave you feeling crazy. Let’s be honest, champagne makes us (and when I say us I mean me) CRAZY.

-Pomegranate Juice

-Sparkling Cider

-Option- add a tiny bit of orange juice

No matter what mood you’re in or which cocktail you are craving, one of these drinks should do the trick this January. If you’re still sad about giving up alcohol for a month, think about these three things: your liver will thank you, your bank account will thank you and YOU will thank you.

The most fun part is that when you ARE drinking again you’ll already know how to make a bunch of fun mocktails, so just add the alcohol and you’ve got yourself a cocktail!

Enjoy! Kim

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