Mother's Day Recap

Happy Mother’s Day! We love this very special holiday that gives us a chance to thank mom’s for all of their hard work. No matter what you do, it’s important to celebrate those special women in our lives, because there are a lot. Only one opportunity a year to do this makes us feel extra motivated, so we wanted to go all out. Here is a recap of what we did for our moms!

Care Package:

If you are like Kim, you don’t live in the same state as your mother. This can be tough especially on holidays like Mother’s Day. Because of everything going on in the world, she decided to put together a care package to send to her mom so she feels special! She got a little crafty and made a spring wreath to brighten up her mom's house. And she supported local businesses (which we should all try to do right now) by giving her mom some local chocolate. This will be fun for a mom in another state because it will be different than anything she can get where she currently lives!

Activities: We think it’s safe to say that there is nothing a mom wants more than to spend mother’s day (or any day, really), with their kiddos. We love to plan an activity to do with our moms. Today we did a spa day to make them feel pampered, a backyard campfire cookout, and afternoon tea! Activities are perfect for the current times because you can do them all without leaving your house!

Nat's mom especially loves sitting around the fire together. Since we haven't been able to go, we re-created it in our back yard. All you need are some hot-dogs, s'mores stuff, and camping chairs and you are all set! It was nice to get out of the house, even though we only went about 15 feet from the back door.

Every year Kim and her step mom Vicky go to the Grand America for afternoon tea. It’s a very special tradition and we wanted to replicate it at home this year! We started by making scones, which is a must for any tea celebration.

Then we made some finger sandwiches! We went with one that had smoked salmon, capers, and cream cheese. Another one had turkey, provolone cheese, and pickles. And the last one had cream cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers. We had a fun time playing around with different shapes to keep things interesting!

For all of the fancy desserts we went to Gourmandise, our favorite French bakery in downtown SLC. They have curbside delivery right now, so it is super easy to get treats! We highly recommend.

Here is our finished product:

We wrapped it up by making earl grey tea and watched Vicky’s favorite show, Outlander!

Custom cards:

Our moms LOVE cards. Our new circuit joy makes it so easy because it comes with card paper and envelopes. We also have a blog post with four fun ideas of DIY Mother’s Day Cards you can make at home! Linked here. We also love to send cards to other women in our life that we are close with. We send cards to our friends' moms, aunts, teachers, or any momma that inspires you! Even though they are not our biological moms, we want them to know we are celebrating them as well! Linked here.


Lately we have been trying to use less packaging and non-recyclable items so we went along with this for the Mother’s Day care package. We also wanted to go the extra mile with our presentation all day long. Whether you are making a nice meal or getting take out, a little decorating goes a long way. It will show your mom that you wanted to put in that little bit of extra effort to make her feel special. We threw out a nice table cloth, added some flowers, and folded the napkins into roses.

Cheers to you, mommas! We love celebrating you. This day is all about you, and you all deserve the best.

With love,

Kim and Nat

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