Must-Haves for Your Winter Wedding Bouquet

If you are getting married between the months of November-February, you are having a winter wedding! These celebrations can be magical with all of the festive feelings in the air, but it can sometimes be hard to decide how to make your wedding bouquet stand out while still going along with the winter theme. Here are some fun accessories you can add to your bouquet this winter:


Something that has been huge in bridal bouquets lately are thistles. But if you're like me, you probably haven't heard about thistles since watching Winnie the Pooh as a kid. Eeyore loved thistles… right? Well anyway, they are purple little spikey guys that add something very special to a wedding bouquet. Alone they are a little bit odd, but mixed with florals and greens they really bring everything together.

The colors

Choosing colors for winter wedding florals can be tricky. It’s easy and beautiful to stick with lots of white, but it can also be really fun to step out of the box! Try going for some rich jewel tones. Burgundy, deep orange, and purple are a good go-to.


Berries can be a great way to add a pop of color to your bouquet or to break up all of the flowers. Some of my favorites are:

Pink snowberries

Tallow Berries

Green Hypericum Berries

All of these berries would give your florals a different vibe, so pick the ones that are your favorite and best compliment the rest of your flowers.


When I think of winter I think of being outside and the frosty chill in the air. All of the trees are bare of leaves, and the branches and twigs get a chance to be the star of the show. Adding a few small twigs to your bouquet is a fun way to add a different texture into the mix! They can be incorporated in their usual brown color or spray painted white, silver, or gold to match your color scheme.

Lots of greenery

Something that I LOVE in a bouquet is when it is mostly greenery. It is classy, unique, and less expensive! Play around with a few different kinds of greenery until you come up with your perfect mix.

Pine sprigs

Speaking of greenery, pine sprigs are the most wintery thing out there! Throw a few of those into your bouquet and it will smell great and look the part of a winter wedding.

Dried Citrus

Dried oranges and lemons are beautiful and are definitely a different addition to the party. This could be the pop of color your bouquet needs!


I am a huge fan of succulents in floral arrangements, and honestly, I love to see them in bouquets all year long. But there is something about their muted green colors that suit a winter wedding perfectly. Plus they add a different look to the bouquet while still looking "floral".

*They can also be a super cute wedding favor!

Pine cones

Another classic winter item is the pine cone. They are beautiful and scream winter. Placing a few in your bouquet is a perfect way to be subtle and not over the top with the winter theme. Plus when you look back at your bouquet years later, they'll still look awesome.

*Another idea is having the grooms boutonniere being made solely with pinecones and greens! It can be a really cute look.

Now that you know about some of these wintery items, pick and choose a few and your bouquet will be memorable and fit in perfectly with the season!

Have fun!


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