Outdoor Movie Party

We LOVE a good movie night, don't you? Whether you are doing a Harry Potter Marathon, watching a classic like Mama Mia (singing along required), or are more into action movies, you should definitely host an outdoor movie party this summer.

The Movie Screen:

There are a few options for having an awesome set up to show movies outside. Some are cheap and some are more expensive. If you have a projector of any kind, new OR old, you are in luck! The easiest and most cost effective way to do it is taping a big white sheet to your house or an outdoor wall projecting the movie onto it from your computer! You can also rent/buy a blow up movie screen if you want this to be an event that you host more than once.


Blankets, lawn chairs, and pillows. Oh my! Since you and your friends are watching a movie you want to feel comfyyyy. You can lay out all of the things that you have to make the space look cute. Unfolding sleeping bags and placing other blankets help you designate the space where people will be sitting. Then have everyone bring anything else they want/need to enjoy the movie (lawn chairs etc..)

Picking a Movie:

Picking a movie for a movie night can honestly be the hardest part of planning the whole thing. Everyone has different opinions and interests, so it can be tough. My advice is to create a text or FB event page poll so people can vote. This will help you keep the most people happy. Another option is to have a themed movie night! Picking a theme always makes everything more fun. Say that you pick a Disney movie, take that as your theme and run with it! It will help you decide what snacks to have. And who knows? Maybe you'll even throw in a little decor... hit us up if you need anything custom!


You can't really go wrong when getting snacks for a movie night. Grab some candy, soda, popcorn and you have everything that you need! We have a very exciting blog post coming soon about a popcorn bar. It would be the perfect thing to take your movie night up a notch. Get some inspo from that post COMING SOON!

The Aisle:

Because you will have to have a big projector set up in the middle of your seating make an aisle to create more of a statement and make it more like an actual movie theater! Use string lights to make a path and add some paper bags with a design on it that goes with your movie of choice. Then put some fake candles in the bags so that they glow at night! (Add rocks to the bags so they don't blow over).

Let us know how your outdoor movie night goes! And always remember to check the weather beforehand.

Have fun!


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