"Pal"entines Brunch Recap

This month has brought us many love-themed festivities, and we are here for it. One of our favorite projects this Valentine’s Day was the “Pal”entines (we love the inclusive-ness) brunch we decorated last weekend. If you read our recent post on inexpensive Valentine’s decorations ideas, you might see some familiar stuff.

We really went all out on this one, because why wouldn’t we? Love is the perfect reason to celebrate. Here is how it all came together:

Front Door:

The front door is the first thing that people will see when they go to a party, so we love to make it look extra cute and welcoming. The big welcome sign was a chalkboard, and the balloons were strung together with a needle and thread and then hung up. We also added a beautiful floral arrangement done by the talented Bayley Banks. She did all of the florals for this event and they were STUNNING. Decorating the front door put people in the "Valentine’s party mood" before they even stepped inside.


We had three tables that we did centerpieces for, and they were all different shapes and sizes. We wanted to do something that would look great on all of them. We did classic cylinder vases of different heights with floating candles, small white candles, heart confetti, and the floral arrangements.


We had a few different signs that we used throughout the space. The menu sign and favor sign were chalkboards that we wrote on with a chalkboard marker. We also used a light-box sign where we spelled out: “I love you a whole brunch”. I know, a pun. Are you really surprised?

On the mantle, we put a classic “XOXO” Valentines banner, and then we had another one over a book shelf that said “I love you”. Both of these were so simple and easy to make, but added some extra details that the guests loved. It’s all in the little details! I even heard someone say “I keep looking around and noticing more things!”.

Mimosa Bar:

For the mimosa bar, we used our super cute matching pitchers for the juices, and a plain pink ice bucket for the champagne. The “Mimosa bar” banner was from Target (thank you dollar section). Click here to find out how we made the heart garland above the banner.

Other details:

In various places around the space we hung pom-pom and heart garlands and placed candles and flowers. It is important to make sure that all the spaces the guests will use or see fit in with the overall theme. Even one vase with flowers or a candle will bring an area to life.

We also placed different kinds of lights around the room. White and pink string lights were over the mantle and bookshelves, and then we put these cute little heart lights (from the dollar store) at the bar.

We had so much fun decorating this party! Our goal was to make it look like Valentine’s Day exploded in the room, in the best kind of way. We hope this will inspire your future Valentines, or other, parties! Send us pics if you use any of these ideas!


Natalie & Kim

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