Pancake Party

Everyone loves pancakes, it is as simple as that. So for your next get together, throw a Pancake Party! It’s time to wake up earlyyyyy, have some friends over, and make some pancakes.

Here are some tips to make your pancake party easy and fun!

Have all of your friends wear Pajamas:

Since you’re having your friends over in the morning, make the dress code easy: pajamas! Having your friends roll out of bed and head straight over will keep things fun and casual.

The Pancakes:

Plain pancakes are good, but you know what makes them even yummier?? Putting things into the pancake batter itself.

Things to put in the batter:

Chocolate chips



All of these things will help take your pancakes to the next level- which is much needed for a pancake party!! Woo!





Chocolate sauce

Whipped cream

You can't have a dry pancake... ew. So use all these fun toppings to spice things up! They will add the sweetness you need for the perfect balance.

Fruit: Berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries), bananas



Chocolate chips


Sprinkle any mix of these other toppings on your pancakes until you find your perfect combo!

Displaying them:

Breakfast board:

Charcuterie Board?? More like Breakfast board! Keep things creative by displaying your pancakes on a board. Add some bacon and maybe a few eggs and you’ll be good to go!


You don't need any crazy decorations! Just some signs and chalkboards to tie things all together. I made this cute sign you can download and print off! Also-you can make a banner to hang to get people even more excited for the party! The one I made says, "let them eat pancakes".


Gather all of your blankets and pillows to make a comfy spot in your house for everyone to gather to watch a morning movie! Watch “The Breakfast Club”, people will think it’s funny and it’s iconic- so it’s a perfect choice.

The weekend is about to begin, so have some friends over and get cookin'! Have fun and eat up!


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