Party Food Idea-Make Your Own Kabobs

When it’s summer, we love to have parties outside! The fresh air and beautiful background makes it a no-brainer. Outdoor parties also perfect for the current happenings in the world because it allows us to be more physically distant from one another. When you are planning your outdoor gatherings, you might be wondering what food you can serve that will be easy, delicious, and fit in with many different diets.

I know this is surprising, but we have the perfect option for you: Kabobs! And even better, a make-your-own kabob station. Here is how we did it…

Kabobs are the perfect party food because everyone can eat them. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, or gluten free, you can still have a delicious, filling, meal of kabobs! We served this at a campfire party, and each person got to roast theirs over the fire. But, these are also great for the BBQ if you do not have a fire pit.

For our kabobs, we had lots of different options: zucchini, yellow squash, onion, potatoes, and chicken. Bell peppers and mushrooms are also great options, especially if you have some vegetarians/vegans coming to party.

We tried to pick things that were either pre-cooked, or had a very low cooking time so that it would all cook evenly. It took about 5 minutes to roast one kabob over the fire.

The display was my favorite part.

When you are preparing the veggies and/or meat, cut everything uniformly. Make sure not to cut them too small, or it will be hard to get them to stay on the stick. We got some extra long bamboo roasters from the dollar store and they worked really well!

Once the veggies get a little crispy and the precooked items are warm all the way through, you are ready to eat! Serve them with some fun dipping sauces, (and a glass of wine, of course), and you are set!

Kabobs are great for eaters of all ages, and it’s a fun, interactive food for any outdoor party!

Happy Roasting,

Kim and Nat

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