Patty's Day Pregame

St. Patty’s day is typically a holiday centered around drinking. Because the Irish like to drink… right? IDK well anyway, instead of hosting a St. Patty’s Day Party this year, host a Patty’s Day Pregame! This way you and your friends can still go out to the bar afterwards, but hopefully you’ll spend less money because you will have started celebrating at home. We hosted one this weekend and here is a recap of how it went:


Keep things simple so people won’t be hungry, but won’t be too full. Apps:

Artichoke dip, Guac, 7 layer dip, Hummus & Chips

Celery, snap peas and broccoli to dip in ranch and hummus.

People loved grazing on these apps all night.


Everyone’s favorite drunk food is quesadillas. Give these a St. Patty’s day twist by using a green spinach tortilla.

You'll need spinach tortillas and any fillings you want! We chose cheese, beans, corn, guac, cafe rio dressing.


Add a little sweetness to the party with classic candy!

We went for:

Rainbow sour candy

Sour patch kids Fun popcorn!

Gold Coins


This was a large element of the Pregame, so we wanted to make sure to get it just right.

Jello shots

Hard Seltzers

Vodka and sprite to mix

The variety of drinks was perfect and had something for everyone to enjoy!


Decorating the front door was must so people knew where the party was!

We wanted to create a focal point so we built a rainbow over the sink with streamers and white balloons.

We added a cute sign to the drink area that said, "Eat drink and be Irish"

We also cut our little shamrocks on our Cricut and placed them around the party!

Photo area:

We made a fun photo wall with gold tinsel and a cute bunting that says the word "lucky". This gave our friends a fun place to take pics.

We had SO much fun celebrating and hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Kim & Nat

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