Planning a Camping Family Reunion

Does your family have a reunion every year? It’s such a fun way to get all your loved ones together who you might not see all the time! Our favorite way to plan a family reunion is a camping trip, because the party can go on for daysssss. Plus, you will have way more time to spend together!

We have come up with lots of fun ideas to help you plan the perfect family reunion camping trip. The food, activities, and even the small logistics that you might otherwise forget about it. Think of it like a huge party that goes on, and on, and on. My favorite. But, watch out, because your family will probably start asking you to do it every year.

The first thing to think about when you go to plan a family reunion camping trip is the location. I recommend picking a camping site that is somewhat central. Also, consider how many different families will be attending so you know how much room your campsite needs to have. Most places require you to pay a fee and reserve ahead of time, which is great so you can guarantee you have a location.

When you are the planner, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone pitches in to pay for the campsite. Divide the total number of people by the number of individual households that will be attending.

Once you have location and number of people, you can plan the food (a.k.a the most important part). When my family plans, we assign each household a meal-either lunch or dinner. They are in charge of planning and purchasing the food for the group for that meal. Some of our favorite camping meals are:

Burgers/hot dogs


Campfire dinners



These meals are easy to feed a crowd and fairly inexpensive. As the host family, we usually provide food items that are needed throughout the day like snacks, s’mores supplies, water, coffee, or other drinks. We also provided a few breakfast options each day, like:


Yogurt and granola

Breakfast burritos

Granola bars and fruit

To pay for the shared breakfast meals, snacks, and drinks, we charged each household an additional amount for that as well.

Now, let’s talk about activities. The bulk of the time will probably be spent just chatting and hanging out with one another. But, if you are going for multiple days, it is fun to have a few activities planned, especially if there are a lot of kids attending.

Some of my favorite easy, low-preparation required activities for the kids are chalk, a water balloon/water gun fights, and a piñata. The chalk and water guns can also be used multiple times, and they will definitely have a lot of fun.

Some other fun games and activities that we have done in the past are charades, karaoke, hikes, and a scavenger hunt. These are great options for kids of any ages, and the adults too! There are also a good amount of jokes and pranks going on throughout the whole trip, because, who doesn’t love those?

We also like to plan a few group activities to get everyone involved! Every year my family has a talent show. We definitely do not take it as seriously as you would think, and most of the “talents” are usually a joke. The kids and adults all love this activity. Another one we do every year is a gift exchange, also usually a joke. It’s very similar to a white elephant, minus the Christmas theme. We ask everyone to bring a gift, funny or not to exchange. It’s more fun if people find something random around their house, rather than going out and buying one.

Another must-do when you are planning a family reunion camping trip is to schedule a time for family photos! And what better way to take a group photo than in matching shirts? The shirts are something that could easily be customized and ordered in bulk online. Or, you could go the route that we did and make them yourself!

We used our Cricut Maker to cut out a customized design from the iron on material. We went with a simple graphic and then added each person's name. You could also do something simple by printing a design onto iron-on paper and then applying it. We like to pick a design that everyone will like, and something that people will (hopefully) wear again. This is another cost that you can factor in when you are asking each household to contribute some money.

The main reason that my family chooses to camp for their reunion is so that we have lots of time to spend together. There are a lot of us, so we always love having some extra time. Plus we are all CHATTY. In total, it ends up costing each household about $75-$100 depending on where you decide to camp, and it’s totally worth it.

I hope these tips help you plan the best camping-style reunion your family has ever seen! Sometimes, it’s more fun to be the host ;)

Good luck with the tents!


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