Planning a Friends Weekend at the Cabin

One of my favorite things to plan during the summer is a weekend getaway to a cabin with my friends! It is a great way to spend time together and celebrate the warm weather. It doesn’t take much to plan a fun weekend, and it’s one that everyone remembers. Grab your pillows, because we are going glamping!

Here is what I planned for my friends weekend:


I didn’t want to plan too many activities because I wanted us to have free time to be able to relax and just hang out. But, some of the activities that we did and ended up loving were…


There is honestly nothing better than a morning yoga class on the cabin deck. It was so peaceful and felt so good. You can have someone lead it, or watch a video.

Board Games/Puzzles.

This is a great option because it can be done anywhere! Board games and puzzles are easy to pack and get everyone involved. I love card games, and I play them every time I go glamping.


This is another fun activity that does not require you to pack a lot. Plus, being at a cabin means you are surrounded by nature so there is a lot of inspiration. Activities like painting are great because you and your friends can still chat and have a good time. Plus, painting is very soothing.


DUH. As someone who loves hiking, I don’t think a cabin trip would be complete without one.


For the food, we split up into pairs and were each in charge of one dinner. It was fun because we all had a chance to cook something we love for each other. Each team was responsible for getting the supplies they needed for that meal.

For breakfast and lunch, we all pitched in for things like sandwich stuff, hot dogs, fruit, cereal, etc. These meals weren’t very formal, and people just ate when they got hungry.

I also requested that each person bring their favorite snack and treat to share. Let’s be honest, glamping just isn't fun without lots of snacks. No vacation is, really.


Have activities planned for inside and outside just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate like you want it to.

If you are planning the activities, send out a packing list to your friends so that they can be prepared for what you want to do.

Have everyone pitch in for the food ahead of time so you can get the shopping done early and have everything packed and ready to go.

If you are renting a cabin that you have never been to before, make sure you plan your meals accordingly. It can be hard to know what supplies will be there, so if you need something specific, pack it. Or, choose meals that all use the same appliances, like a slow cooker, because that is super easy to throw in the car and let everyone use.

If you are in charge of planning the weekend, don’t be afraid to GO FOR IT. One thing that I have learned from planning lots of activities and trips is that people appreciate when you do all the “hard work”. It’s okay to make some decisions, and then tell your friends what to bring/what you need help with.

Take advantage of the surrounding areas around your cabin. Maybe try out some hikes that are nearby, or go to a lake if there is one. Just because you are staying inside of a cabin does not mean you can’t explore.

And finally, be flexible. Sometimes, even when you plan something so thoroughly, things can change. Just go with the flow and remember the most important thing: that everybody has fun.

Have the best weekend ever!


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