Smith Wedding Recap

This past weekend, we had the amazing honor of decorating a wedding for the new couple, Alexis and Austin Smith! It was a blast to work with them and help make their special day one to remember.

The wedding took place at one of our favorite venues, Red Butte Garden, in the Orangerie. The room is filled with lush, tropical plants, so it does not require a lot of decor. Here is a recap of what we did:


For the ceremony, we used cylinder glass vases filled with water and one floating candle in each. It made the aisle more prominent, without taking away from the beautiful plants that were all over the room.

We also had an archway made of columns with beautiful white fabric draped over it for the couple to stand in front of during the ceremony. This was elegant and elevated the entire ceremony.


We made a welcome, gifts and cards, bar, and candy table signs for the happy couple. This was probably one of our favorite things to make because they were all personalized.

Welcome Sign/Candy Table Sign

We decided to go with plain, off-white signs and gold text. We also added bits of greenery to tie it into the rest of the room.

Gift & Card Table

For their gift and card table we wanted to do something that matched the rest of the decor and the venue, but was unique! We found this interesting gold metal shape at a thrift store and knew it would be perfect for cards. It made that whole table really pop.

Bar Sign

To go along with the rest of our signs we decided to make a small one for the bar to keep things consistent. We kept things simple and playful by adding beer and wine shapes to the sign.

Cocktail Hour

The cocktail hour setup was very minimal, with three standing highboy tables and linens. We asked the couple for some pictures of them as kids, which we printed black and white and had them out on each table. We then covered each table with a glass round top to protect the photos from any spills. This is a great alternative to framed pictures while still keeping the decor personal. We wanted the focus to be on the couple the whole time! Plus, it is fun to see photos of someone you know as a child-especially on their wedding day!

We also placed their engagement pictures in gold frames around the cocktail area and reception space.

Candy Table

Favors for a wedding can be tough, but we love a good candy table. It is a low-cost, low-maintenance way to thank your guests for coming. Along with the sign, we provided various candy jars and displays to put the candy in.

We also designed a sticker for the treat bags with the couples names and the date of the wedding. It added the cutest personal touch!

We weren’t lying when we said the venue didn’t require much! It was so fun to design decor for such a beautiful space. We love making personalized decorations, and Alexis and Austin made it very easy!

Stay tuned for more event decor recaps coming up!

See you soon,

Kim and Nat <3

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