Spring Charcuterie Board

Happy Spring everyone! It is time for our spring charcuterie board! For this one we decided to keep things fresh and fun. We got most of the supplies at Trader Joes, our go to spot. 

We started with the cheese! 


My family’s all time favorite cheese is manchego. It is a spanish hard cheese that has a nutty flavor and is perfect to add depth to the board. 

Irish Cheddar-

We then added some Irish cheddar to the charcuterie board for a sharp flavor. This helped brighten up the entire board!

Goat Cheese-

I LOVE GOAT CHEESE. This one from Trader Joes was to die for! It had some honey in it as well which really took it to the next level. 


For the fruit we decided to keep it realllly simple this time around. We just added some strawberries for a pop of color. 

Next came the veggies! (This is where the whole board really came together.)


We used a mandolin to cut the cucumber super super thin! This is a great trick, but is scary so be careful when using one of those.

Snap peas-

Snap peas are one of my all time favorite snacks. They went perfectly on this board and added the crunch it needed.


We also added baby carrots to this charcuterie board! They are a super cute and healthy addition.

For the meat we used one of our favs...


This is the kind of meat that works with EVERY charcuterie board out there. It helps bring out the flavors of the cheese it is paired with and is basically just awesome.

It’s all about the carbssss!


We started by using some leftover water crackers from our winter charcuterie board.

Sweet Potato Chips-

Then we added some Trader Joe's sweet potato chips. They are salty, crunchy, and DELICIOUS! 


To finish off this section we added two kinds of Triscuits. Their thin triangle shaped ones and their cracked pepper and olive oil ones. Both very good.

To add the extra flare to the board we added...


This was to dip all of the yummy veggies in.


We added pistachios to tie all of the nutty flavors together.


This really drove the SPRINGYness of the whole charcuterie board.

We hope that you try and recreate this at home! Let us know how you like it and if you add anything fun to the mix.



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