Spring Party Favors

Spring is in the air this party season! People love to party and want the celebration to keep going for as long as possible. Make that happen for your guests with DIY spring party favors!


Flowers are a HUGE part of spring. When I think of flowers, I think of bees, which makes me think of honey! Give your guests honey bears as a favor and add a cute tag (designed on Canva) that says, "Thank you for BEEing here!". It is a practical favor because they will use it afterwards.

Mini flower pots

Spring is all about new life! Give your guests small red clay pots as a favor so that they can have some fun gardening when they get home. You can even make it activity at your spring party to paint the pots together. It is super fun and gives everyone a chance to get creative. It will also make your friends think about the party for a long timE. We painted this one with different shades of pink to make it really feel like spring.

Seed packets!

This is the party favor that keeps on giving. Get some spring flower seed packets at the store and design a cute little "Happy Spring" graphic on Canva. Then print, cut out, and tape the graphic onto the seed packet and you're good to go!

Candy butterfly

This one is fun if you have kids at the party (and even the adults will love them). Here is how to make this candy butterfly: Get a zip block bag and cut off the colored outside tab. Then get a clothes pin and paint it whatever color you want the butterflies body to be. Then get some pipe cleaners and twist them into antenna and glue them to the clothes pin. Then put skittles or m&ms into the bag and put the clothes pin in the middle and POOF! You have a butterfly.

We hope that these party favors help take your next get together up a notch.

Have fun!


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