Staying Positive This Winter

Hi everyone! It’s Kim here. It is no secret that 2020 has not been the year we expected it to be. If you are like me, you started 2020 thinking, “this is going to be my year!”. Because it was the start of a new decade, there was so much hope for growth and positive change. But- instead times have been tough.

As people who love to celebrate and live life to the fullest, Natalie and I want to be there for all of you to make sure we all get through this together. Here are some ways to keep positive this winter.

Take it all a few months at a time

It can be easy right now to only look to the future and think about when all of this will be over. While thinking about the future is a good thing and can help make our current situation seem less scary, staying present is important. When looking towards the future it is nice to break it into smaller sections of a few months at a time. Take the next couple of months (the holidays) and make them one chunk. That will make it all easier to process and handle. Continue doing that into the beginning of next year and I promise that it will help!

Go into the new year with hope

Things are looking up as we head towards the New Year! This whole pandemic is far from over, but it is nice to see light at the end of the tunnel. Because the winter is often a time that people reflect on the last year, take some time to really do it! This does not need to be a big intense process. But something as simple as writing down positive things that happened to you this year can help you put things into perspective. Even though this has not been anyone's ideal year, there are still good things that have happened.

During late November and early December I always start think of New Year's resolutions and how I want to enter into the next year. During the last few years I have decided that instead of making New Year's Resolutions to pick a word for the year. This helps be something to help guide me in a positive direction, but is not restricting and easy to break like a normal resolution. What will your word for 2021 be?

Stay connected

This is the most important one. Staying connected right now can seem like it is impossible. Because the weather is getting colder, we can no longer social distance and meet up with people in outside areas. Make sure to continue spending time with friends virtually! Have specific days that you see certain friends to keep a routine and so you are always incorporating things that make you happy! Things like watching the Bachelorette on Tuesday night's over FaceTime with friends or watching movies over Netflix Party will help things feel like they are normal. Holidays are a time that focus is on family, so finding ways to keep your traditions alive while keeping everyone safe is going to take some creativity, but we believe that you can make it happen!

As the Founders of Life is a Party, we strive to create content that makes you happy and encourages you to celebrate life. We hope that these tips helped and we are excited for when we can all be out partying together again! But for now, stay positive!

With Love,


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