Summer Charcuterie Board

Your Life is a Party summer charcuterie board is here! If you liked our spring board you will loveeee this one. Here is a breakdown of our board process and what we used:

Usually when making a charcuterie board, I go in this order:

  1. Cheese

  2. Meat

  3. Fruit

  4. Carbs

  5. Other

I kept to this format for this board and it worked really well. When keeping to this order you can always go back and add more of specific ingredients to fill in empty spaces. I like to be creative and go with the flow of the ingredients when placing items on the board. It usually ends up being pretty random, but today I worked from the outside of the board to the middle.

The Cheese:

We decided to go a little bit outside of our typical cheese selection for this board. We started with Emmental which is a very mild cheese. It tastes a lot like Swiss and is really yummy. Then, we added Mozzarella balls to add a rich element. Lastly, we sprinkled feta on top for a punch of flavor!


Summer is a time where fruit really thrives. We cut up peaches, because they are one of the best summer fruits EVER and added them to the board. Then we added cherries and strawberries for color and a tart flavor.

The Meats:

Prosciutto is a very summery meat. It is light and thin! It is the nice touch to any board when you aren’t wanting to go overboard with the protein.


You know that here at Life is a Party we are big, big fans of carbs. For this summer charcuterie board we tried some new cracker options and were very happy with our choices! We got pita crackers which added a much needed crunch and pretzel thins for a salty moment. To finish off the carb section we added our fav a sliced baguette. There isn't much to say here other than that she is a much needed guest at the party.


This element was the most unexpected addition to our summer charcuterie board but it really took it to the next level. We decided to add parmesan artichoke dip! It was PERFECT. It added a creamy touch to the board and really complimented the other ingredients. We highly recommend adding it to your next board, it was definitely worth it.

We have so much fun creating these charcuterie boards every season! They are perfect for appetizers for any get together or even for an entire meal with friends. We ate this one for lunch and are not complaining about it. We hope you enjoyed, and make sure to look out for our next board in the fall.

Peace, love, and cheese!


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