Summer Party Outfit Ideas

One of our favorite parts of going to a party is getting dressed up! Whether you are dressing casual, formal, or to a theme, a party is the perfect excuse to let your own personal style shine. We’ve rounded up some outfit inspiration, courtesy of our gorgeous friends, for some of our favorite summer parties, like a BBQ, a baby shower, and more! Plus, the models are pretty cute too.

Let’s start the lineup off with a lovely day at a summer baby shower with Annie.

Annie chose her outfit because “it has all the summer vibes and works great for a baby shower”. She’s all about fun colors, especially in the summer, and loves to find unique ways to put together new outfits with pieces she already has.

“I like to dress eclectic and not worry too much about what specific style I am staying in.”

When attending a baby shower, Annie points out that color choice might want to be considered, depending on the couple. You might even think of it as a theme.

Next on the agenda is a pool party with our girl, Lindzee.

She wanted to spice things up and go a step further from the classic bathing suit. A fun coverup like this cute red dress takes her outfit to the next level, but she is still ready to jump in the pool at any moment.

"A simple dress is cute and easy for a pool day. If it's cute and comfortable, then I'm happy."

Lindzee is a HUGE sunglasses gal, so it's no surprise that she is rocking these heart shaped ones. It's fashion and protection. A cute sunhat is also a must for a pool party! We wear them allllllll summer long.

Did somebody say evening cocktail party? Ailish did!

Let me start off by saying that Ailish dresses for HER. When you first think of a cocktail party, jeans might not even be on your radar. But, why not?! “A cocktail night, [for Ailish], means looking classy but staying practical. Drinking and skirts don’t mix, in my opinion - whether I end up accidentally flashing someone or just being frustrated by my lack of mobility. So, jeans are the move.” When you feel good, you look good.

“Being your resident Soft Goth, I have a hard time NOT wearing black, but I love that blue denim can truly go with anything, even when I take a risk and wear a black shirt.”

Comfort is a must, and it is 100% doable to achieve comfort and style at the same time. So, the next time you are attending a cocktail party, especially one outside, don’t count your jeans out. They might be exactly what you need.

You KNOW Kim had to be in on this too, so she’s taking us to a garden party.

Kim is a dress girl at heart, especially in the summer. Her explanation of her outfit choice will come as no surprise: “For a garden party you KNOW I would be wearing a floral dress. Is it literal? Yes. Am I mad about it? Absolutely not. I have so many floral dresses in my closet so this is their time to shine.” If you host a garden party, you have to expect your guest to wear florals. Sorry not sorry.

“I love rocking fun prints and trying new cuts or styles in the warmer weather, because why not be bold?!”

If you don’t have a pair of platform sandals, we highly recommend them. They are cute, comfy, and easy to walk in. Talk about a win-win-win.

I also didn’t want to feel left out, so let’s go to a BBQ, shall we?

In the summertime, I LOVE shorts. They keep me cool, I can do spontaneous cartwheels, and they are easy to throw on with any outfit. A backyard BBQ is a rather casual occasion, but you can still let your outfit stand out in a crowd.

“If I can’t dance in it, I don’t want to wear it”

I have been very into yellow this year, and this off the shoulder top was the perfect pop of color. I also love a good white sneaker. They are so versatile and, again, allow me to be super mobile. You never know when you are going to encounter (or start) a dance party. Watch out BBQ people, I'm coming.

And finally, everyone’s favorite event of the summer…weddings! Ocean, take us home.

Wearing pants to a wedding is definitely underrated. Shout to Ocean for giving us the inspiration we needed to make it happen. This outfit really speaks for itself, and is pretty outside of the box from Ocean’s everyday outfits.

“I love these pants. They are pretty loud and I have to wear them with heels so I don’t get to wear them often. I always go for a lot of good jewelry and a good lip color.”

Weddings are the perfect time to whip out something you don’t wear very often. A special occasion calls for a special outfit. Ocean’s go-to color to wear is black, even in the summer. But, a fun print on black pants is the perfect way to spice things up.

Finally, I would like to note that 90% of the clothing pieces and accessories in these pictures were thrifted. Creating new outfits shouldn't be expensive. Take it from someone that loves clothes and probably has way too many...thrifting is the way to go babes.

Whatever kind of party you have on the calendar, we hope that these ideas inspire you to think outside of the box. Fashion should be fun!

Let’s party.


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