Summer Party Snacks

It's summertime!!! That means that it is time to have fun in the sun with friends. For all of your summer parties, you are going to need some yummy summer party snacks!

Donut Pineapples:

This summer party snack is EASY and CUTE. All you need are some glazed donuts and green paper. Cut the green paper into pineapple tops and stick them into the top of donuts and you have little pineapple treat! They look so good I almost thought they were pineapple flavored... seriously... ask Natalie.

Caprese Skewers

This is a refreshing snack you'll want to have at every party. Get some cherry tomatoes, small mozzarella balls, and balsamic glaze. You'll put the cherry tomato and cheese on a toothpick and then drizzle it with balsamic glaze! So yummy.

Strawberry Shortcake Bites

Another sweet treat for your summer party are these tasty strawberry shortcake bites! All you need is some angel food/pound cake, strawberries, and white chocolate. Take the cake and cut it into squares, cut the strawberries in half, and drizzle white chocolate on top!

Prosciutto Wrapped Cantaloupe

This next party snack brings together an unexpected combo: cantaloupe and prosciutto! Cut your cantaloupe into half moon shapes and wrap each slice with one piece of prosciutto. Finish it off with salt and pepper and your party snack is done!

Sausage and Pineapple Bites

This was by far my favorite snack of all. We cooked up some bratwursts and sliced them into small pieces. Then, we cut up the pineapple, with our trusty pineapple cutter. If you don't have one you NEED it. It is a game changer. Next, we put them together on a toothpick and enjoyed. I loved these and will definitely be making them again.

Pineapple Salsa

This pineapple salsa will be a showstopper at your next get together! You'll need a pineapple, cherry tomatoes, an avocado, cilantro and lemon juice. Cut the pineapple straight in half and empty half of it. Cut the pineapple that you took out into small squares and put it in a bowl. Then cut all of the cherry tomatoes and the avocado into small pieces. Chop up the cilantro and sprinkle the salsa with salt and pepper. Mix it well in a bowl and put it all back into the pineapple. Then you'll have a beautiful snack that your guests will LOVE!

Whether it is a party with your friends and family or a social distancing get together, we hope that these snacks elevate your party and fill your bellies up!

Happy snacking!


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