Surprise Social Distancing Birthday Party Recap

Let’s get this out of the way right now and agree that the world is WEIRD right now. This pandemic has turned everything upside down, but the one thing that shouldn't change is celebrating. This year was my mom’s 60th birthday, and we knew we couldn’t let it pass us by without doing something fun for her. So, we surprised her with a social distancing party, and this is how we did it…

I came up with this idea because all I wanted was for my mom to be with the people she loved on her special day. Knowing that I wanted to be respectful of social distancing and make sure people could still be 6-feet away, I decided it was best to have it outside, and treat it as a “drive through” party. So, we sent out an invite, and asked all of her friends and family to drive by my mom’s house between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. Here is the invitation that Kim and I designed:

We went with a 60’s theme in honor of my mom being born in 1960, and this being her 60th birthday. (Sorry for exposing your age mom, but everyone knows you look FABULOUS).

The decor was simple but fun, and I really just wanted everyone that drove by (even the randoms) to know that it was her birthday. So, naturally, we had to make a very large banner.

It’s also not a party without balloons, so we threw those in as well.

We had two tables set up in the very front of the yard. One for my mom to sit at while she chatted with her friends, and another for the favors!

My sister made these delicious chocolate cupcakes to hand out to all the guests that came by.

We also designed our own sticker to put on the cupcake boxes.

To finish it off, we put some 60’s theme flowers along the front of the grass where she would be sitting. Kim and I are all about the little details, it really brings everything together.

It was so exciting to see everyone stop by and wish my momma a happy birthday!

Celebrating doesn't have to be hard, but it should be fun! We hope this inspires you to keep partying during this crazy time! Contact us at for help with your decorations!

Happy Birthday Mom!


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